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seamless looping for ogg supported?


quick question: Are now metadata loop tags for seamless looping supported for ogg-files?


  • Doomsday has no special-purpose code for that.

    I don't think SDL_mixer supports seamless looping, but I haven't tested on the most recent version(s).

    The FMOD API does support custom loop points, so in theory it could already be working. It's more likely, though, that the loop points need to be set manually...

    Do you have a test Ogg file to provide that I could examine?
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    The only music packs I know which have these feature are from MusicallyInspired

    He has released packs serveral packs including Doom, Doom 2 und Heretic and Hexen is in the making. As far as I know this is a vanilla feature of the original engine. Would be nice to have it in Doomsday.
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    Thanks for the mention, 0815Jack. It's not a vanilla feature, though. Many source ports (including G/ZDoom and Chocolate Doom) have implemented support for digital music packs with metadata loop tags. The values of these metadata tags are in samples for absolutely precise looping (milliseconds isn't good enough). LOOP_START is the tag for where the loop jumps back to. LOOP_END is the tag where the song is triggered to loop. If LOOP_START is not set or '0', the LOOP_END tag will trigger starting the song over from the very beginning. If LOOP_END is not set or '0' the song will just play to the end of the song normally. These tags only work in FLAC and OGG formats, however. Not MP3. I provide packs in all 3 formats regardless, though.

    The idea behind my music packs is to perfectly simulate playing with an actual Roland Sound Canvas (SC-55 specifically) without having abrupt cut-offs of note and reverb/effects trail off by chopping off the end of the song file. My tracks will playback outside the game and fade out at the end for a normal listening experience. In-game, the loop points trigger before the fade-outs occur.

    I seem to vaguely remember bringing this up in the past on your older forums. I don't recall whatever became of that, though. I've only recently come back and started recording these packs again (having just recently finished Heretic and now working on Hexen). It would be nice to recommend Doomsday along with other source ports for use with my music packs for a nostalgic experience. :)
  • thx for technical explanation @MusicallyInspired :)

    @skyjake flac support would also be nice....
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