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can anyone tell me how to get "fast monsters" to be enabled on the server?

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i was finally able to get "fast monsters" to work in the single player game only by passing the "-fast" command via a launch shortcut. because the in-game menu switch does not turn it on in the game nor does the in-game console.
but this technique does not apply to the server, evidently. i can not figure out how to make "fast monsters" work on the server when launching with the shell.
setting the variable to 1 in the game.cfg does not do it for me. and the documentation concerning the autoexec file syntax is unclear and it is also unclear where the autoexec file is supposed to reside.

can someone please educate me on the best (and preferably easiest) way to get this command to work on the server?

specifically, my problem is, there is a particular door in a particular map that only opens when the "fast monsters" variable is enabled. the map maker was trying to encourage people to play his map with "fast monsters", so, if "fast monsters" is not enabled on this particular map, there are different rooms that open up with fewer weapon caches for a game with normal speed monsters. if you can understand that.


  • I checked the code, and it looks like the fast monsters option is not supported in multiplayer games in Doomsday.

    However, when playing at the highest (Nightmare) difficulty, fast monsters mode is implicitly enabled. This would affect multiplayer games as well.
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    thanks for the information.
    unfortunately, that would work, were it not for the unlimited spawning.
    the option in the shell does not disable unlimited spawning in nightmare mode.

    it would be a great solution to have an option in the shell to enable fast monsters on any difficulty.

    here's more details you probably don't want to know but this is a co-op map i've been talking about with pacing and an end-game in mind. it was not intended to be played with unlimited spawning. the map is really designed specifically for ultraviolence difficulty with enough ammo and health rations to get from the start to the finish and back either with fast monsters or without fast monsters but there's no plan for unlimited monster spawning. so that's why nightmare mode would not be good for this map. because it can't be completed on that difficulty without unlimited resources. this is a map from 1997 that took almost a year to construct. it is certainly among the most complex wads ever built. it would mean a lot to me and some of my oldest friends if we could get this thing to work again, as it was originally intended to.

    is there any chance it can be accomplished with a dehacked patch?
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