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Doomsday crashes instantly on launch...

edited 2017 Jun 26 in Technical Support
I've had doomsday installed on my PC about 8 months ago, which it worked perfectly. I then deleted because I switched to mainly using GZDoom. I've decided to reinstall Doomsday today to the latest stable version 2.01. I then launched it, and in 3 seconds i get an error saying 'Doomsday.exe has stopped working". I've tried reinstalling, no effect. I then tried installing to older versions, same result. ye64q7tuboay.png
Any help would be appreciated.
I have Windows 7 and my GPU is NVIDIA GTX 950


  • edited 2017 Jun 26
    If the older version is crashing now as well, it is likely something to do with your persistent configuration settings. Doomsday stores these in a file called “persist.pack” in your runtime folder. You could try deleting that file and see if it makes a difference.

    I am currently investigating a couple of possible reasons for a launch crash on Windows (possibly monitor refresh rate and file system related issues). The upcoming 2.0.2 will also improve things a little so that fatal errors shouldn’t cause crashes any more, instead just showing the error message as expected.

    This sounds somewhat similar:
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    I've deleted it, same exact results.

  • Still crashing with 2.0.2?
  • Exact same issue with 2.0.2 here.
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