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Doom Gore

edited 2016 Nov 3 in Addons for DOOM
hey guys awhile back I linked a gore mod I found on this site I havnt been able to find a way to contact the creator of the mod but I always felt the blood was very cartoony in style so I decided to start editing the blood to see what results I could get.

>>>>> I know nothing about modding <<<<<<<<<

this is all practice for me and I want to learn so any advice would be great.

here is the link for the edited file

i do plan to edit more but i would like some advice first and i will try and contact the creator of the original file so all credit to the orginal creator over at anglefire.


  • edited 2017 Dec 16
    I downloaded you're edited version of the doomgore pk3. I like it better than the original. I want to include it in a mod I'm making for Doom 1 and 2. I would of course credit you for the changes you made, but did you ever add any more to it since you posted this? And, did you ever find out who to credit as the original creator at angelfire?
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