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Doomsday 1.8.6 vs New Ports

edited 2016 Jul 13 in Technical Support
Yesterday I again installed on PC it the new Doomsday 2.0 port and started it. After playing a bit I realized that I won't be able to play it because he has severe input lag when moving the mouse left and right. The same applies to all versions of port after version 1.8.6.
How do I configure port 2.0 or any of the new that it had the same speed as 1.8.6?
The version 2.0 port I was off VSync and a few settings, but still input lag was very strong. Then I put the vanilla mode, that is, OpenGL support and that's when input lag was less, but still more than the version !.8.6. Even with all the 3D resources, that port is faster than the new ports without them.
For proof of this, I post here a portable version created by me that you check his work and compared it with yours new port:


  • aivar242 wrote:
    has severe input lag when moving the mouse left and right
    To make sure I understand what you mean by "input lag", are you saying that you are experiencing a delay between when you physically move the mouse and when the view turns in the game?

    How large is your FPS?

    There are a couple of Input settings that you can disable to reduce mouse event latency. When a game is loaded, go to ⚙ > Input Settings and set:
    • Uncheck the options "Filter X Axis" and "Filter Y Axis".
    • Open the advanced settings submenu (the "gauge" icon next to "Reset to Defaults") and uncheck the option "Vanilla 35Hz Input Rate".

    These will ensure that mouse input is processed as quickly as possible without any filtering or vanilla DOOM emulation.
  • I have 60 FPS all the time. When the port is 1.9, then the whole structure of this port has changed. Removed the DED files that were replaced by others. The whole port was changed.
    But that's why all this is needed if the port 1.8.6 looks the same as the 2.0 and still works faster and more stable?
    I have now installed both of those ports and I play in one, then in another, checking the speed of both.
    Skyjake: I did everything like you said, all settings changed. The 2.0 port has become faster, sharper, but still he is not close to the port 1.8.6.
    I think that need to start all over again. To meet the port 1.8.6 and to add to it modern multiplayer. Because the farther the port Doomsday becomes heavier.

    Skyjake; If it is possible to do, I and many fans of the old Doom would have told you thanks you for this. 1.8.6 + modern multiplayer.
    Work on the 2.0 port can not stop, it is also very necessary to many players.
  • Please remember that the 2.0 builds are not yet completed: there is much optimization and debugging still to come. However, the renderer in particular has not been improved because it needs more fundamental changes to take full advantage of modern GPUs.

    The 1.8 series is dead and buried at this point, to be honest. However, I will definitely continue to stabilize and optimize the 2.0 builds before the stable release.
  • Good. I would hope that in the future, the 2.0 port will work without input lag when I quickly move the mouse right and left.

    It is also possible that it's not input lag, just slow the port works on weak computer components in which other ports are fine and work fast.
  • I haven't played since 1.8 due to input lag. I'd like to play the Doom era games again, but I guess I'll keep having to wait. Not even the latest 2.0.2 that came out a few days ago has fixed the input lag problem. Neither the 35hz switch nor disabling filters fixes it.
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