Update for Doomsday 1.11

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There is now a patch available for the latest stable version 1.11 that improves stability and fixes some incorrect behavior.
  • All Games: Random crash when binding controls in the Controls menu (64-bit only)
  • Check for OpenGL 2.0 or later at startup (use -noglcheck to skip)
  • Console: Don't scroll through entire log when first opening message history
  • Server: Transmission of malformed DT_SIDE deltas (fixes "material y-axis pegging" in multiplayer)
  • All Games: Cheats not functional in multiplayer
  • All Games: Finales should play after intermission (e.g., Doom2 map30)
  • All Games: "HUD Display" menu item was not linked to its cvar (map-huddisplay)
  • Heretic: Time bomb spawned at incorrect height, improved look of explosion
  • Heretic|Hexen: ctl-inventory-use-next correctly wraps around the inventory
  • Heretic|Hexen: Additional default control bindings for WASD setup
  • Renderer: 300 different textures are now supported for use with particle effects (up from 32)
Download: build946 | Release notes for 1.11.1


  • Looking good!

    Is there going to be a second patch release to cover the stuff not finished on the to-do list? I was looking forward to some of those fixes, most notably the Icon of Sin stuff.
  • Yes, there will most likely be a 1.11.2, however I can't at this point say which fixes we are able to put in it. Let's see how it goes...
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    And the hi-res texture pack issue with overwriting custom textures still won't be including, even though it is listed as done in the to-do list?... looks like to-do list has changed considerably.

    It is described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1453#p9593 but after the topic in the link I posted concluded, I saw it listed in the to-do list and had the symbol next to it as being 'done'.
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    The 'todo' list has already been 'rewritten' for the upcoming 1.11.2 release. You should check the release notes for 1.11.1 to see what has been fixed for it.
  • Already checked it before you brought it up. Says the same thing as the list above in this thread. I double checked per your request.
  • The issue you are referring to gary is the result of an MSVC compiler optimization on the Windows platform only. In other words, this isn't a bug in Doomsday that we can easily track down and "fix". Resolving this is a question of figuring out where, how and why the compiler is screwing us over. Like I said in the thread you linked to, there were two issues with the texture suppression, the first being a real bug that has long since been fixed (which was marked as 'done' on the to-do list) and the second being this compiler issue that doesn't manifest in a debug build.
  • Status update: I've now determined the cause of the texture suppression issue in the release build. The first build after tomorrow's Build 949 will include the fix. Build 949 has been reserved for pathological performance comparison of MSVC's global optimization (/Og) on Windows.
  • That is neat
  • How can I download bulid946?? :-/

    When I get there I only see rows and rows of phrases just not found the download ...
    , please help really appreciate it :))

    signed by: Gabriel Nascimento(Birth)
    Location: Brazil
  • You can find the download links here: http://dengine.net/Build946
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