Doomsday (1.9.10) Is Upon Us

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It appears the world hasn't ended yet, so here's something to occupy your time before the impending cataclysm: the stable version 1.9.10 (build 721) is now available.

In version 1.9.10 we are taking concrete steps forward in pursuit of several long-term objectives. A guiding principle has been to bring a new level of clarity into the internal structure of the engine while also preparing the next-generation incarnations of key subsystems: file system, resource management, and scripting. The work we've done in this release illustrates our strategy for realizing Doomsday 2: instead of attempting to rewrite everything at once — and getting hopelessly bogged down with the massive workload — we are upgrading subsystems gradually, during many small iterations.
PS. Happy holidays! *<]:{)

- Deng Team


  • Good job on the new release.
  • Heh, thought something like this might happen today :)

    Well done!
  • Very nice to see this project is still under improvement. About 6 months ago we player through all Doom episodes and only one bug we noticed, was that players do not see each other weapons property. Almost every time player figures are running with their fists. I couldn´t find anything about this in release notes, maybe this is fixed in previous releases?
  • Congrats on the release Skyjake and Dani
  • Big congrats, another great release.

    So, when can we start pestering you guys for 1.9.11? Here's what I'd like to see addre....

    ...kidding. Enjoy the holidays.
  • Yes - congratulations on the release and thank you. Happy Christmas to you and all the best for 2013.
  • Congratulations on the release, guys, and thank you for all your hard work.

    BTW I also very much enjoyed your regular reports, this kind of transparency is fantastic for everyone interested into the development process.
  • Congrats to you guys. Have a fun but safe holiday
  • Nice timing. ;)
  • How about a source code download for we non-Ubuntu Linux users?
  • Never mind. Found one at
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