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Build 686: Crash attempting to use models (all games)

edited 2012 Nov 20 in Technical Support
i have update to 1.9.10 build686 and now all games (doom,heretic,hexen) crash if i enable models 3D,if i disable the games work perfectly...i dont understand I tried to delete the doomsday engine but nothing....


  • See: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1258

    This issue has since been fixed for tomorrows upcoming build.
  • thanks for the fast answer,i have another question...the models,texture,sounds etc....are in the folder Doomsday\data\jdoom\Auto something changes?
  • I don't understand the question sorry, can you rephrase?
  • i dont have copy the file .pk3 on Documents\Doomsday Frontend\addons but on Doomsday\data\jdoom\Auto Doomsday\data\jheretic\Auto Doomsday\data\jhexen\Auto this choise can give problem?
  • No it does not make a difference where you install your add-ons. However, the auto-load folders are somewhat redundant given you are using the frontend to launch Doomsday. It may be easier for you to simply manage all your add-ons using the frontend and install them in the Doomsday Frontend\addons folder instead.
  • ok i have update with the build 690,but i have another problem,the program don't save my settings(resolution,control,audio)etc....
  • That sounds like another temporary regression. This is the sort of thing that can happen with the unstable builds - they are the bleeding edge of development and issues such as this are bound to happen from time to time. If this is not what you want then it would best to only update to stable builds.
  • is there any difference from the latest stable build vs the beta builds as far as gameplay grafix etc
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