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settings won't save and wrong skies for jdep

doomsday will not save my controls, audio settings and screen size. it saves games and resolution, but none of the other options, also jdep loads doom1 ep1 sky on the master levels, and i would like it to load tnt ep1 sky like it did with the old jdep, thanx for reading and hopefully someone can help


  • the new jdep is split apart and fixed so you need to enable the sky you want maually
  • o.k. got sky working but is there a way to get it to change automatically when you get to another episode??

    also dani, my config just will not save i have to reset my controlls and screensize every time doomsday starts, what goes in user/***/documents/doomsday/client??? that is always empty
  • on the skys if you leaded the correct skys then it should do it automatically like if you have sky 1 - 3 loaded then it will load them correctly for the episodes. now for your config problem i would delete any config files you have then try a gen and make sure your using the latest unstable build.
  • @thechadisgr8 - Have you installed Doomsday in your documents folder?
  • thanx as alway for your help dani

    i have done a clean install to c:/program files/doomsday
    and that creats my user folder in c:\users\*my name*\documents\doomsday frontend

    i am still not able to save any settings whatsoever, if it helps i have attached my runtime folder. 1st one is my runtime after game has started and settings are set and game is exited. 2nd one is after game is restarted , settings gone, and hame ended. hope it helps you pinpoint the problem

    1st ... etup_.html

    2nd ... rtup_.html

    thanx dani
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