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Mic support?

edited 2013 Jan 2 in General
Is it possible to use a mircophone in multiplayer mode in doomsday?


  • Sadly no, Doomsday does not implement native VoIP support for multiplayer chatting. However it should be possible to use third-party services such as TeamSpeak.

    VoIP integration would certainly make for a nice plugin project, however, should someone want to give it a shot. :-/
  • if you could find a way to natively support the xbox 360 controller that should allow for using the mic as well, xbslink works with the mic :-)
  • Interesting information. I like your topic. Thanks for sharing it.
    >:) [:) =D> =)) :D
  • Another similar program is Mumble ( ). Mumble also can be integrated into a game to support positional audio. Perhaps the Doomsday devs could consider this as a future feature. But even if not integrated into the game, it still can be used for live chat during gameplay.
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