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DooM Radio

edited 2012 Oct 14 in DOOM
i launched doom radio, it is 192kb mp3 stream, meanwhile there are cca 739 songs ...
playlist is here: {link removed}
so you can tune in on {link removed} ...
if you have any mixes with doom theme, write me a pm, i will add them to radios playlist ...


  • current playlist - 989 songs - 57 hours 13 minutes
    new playlist link: {link removed}
  • We do not tolerate links to sites hosting warez of DOOM (amongst other things) on this site. Links removed. You have been warned.
  • after two years?? you rock!! :))
  • Considering you present it as a web radio station its little wonder we didn't realise you have a subsection on your site where you host warez of all the DOOM games. I only happened to look at it the other day out of curiosity and noticed it all.
  • so, what we do now?? shutdown whole internet??
  • I'm not going to debate the ethical, moral and legal finalities of this. Our policy is that we do not permit it on our site and that is that.
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