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Worth trying Hexen & Heretic?

edited 2012 Jun 18 in General

I have always wanted to get around to given Heretic and HeXen ago, but as I never owned the games, nver got around to tracing a copy down. I have now noticed they are on Steam all as a Bundle

Heretic - Shadow of the Serpent Raiders
HeXen II
HeXen : Beyond Heretic
Hexen - Deathkings of the Dark Citadel

Not sure if I will like them as not a magic person, more of a Doom guy lol I do enjoy the older games much more.

I have heard bad and good things about them, so are they worth playing, Im guessing Yes, especially as I am posting here were people are Doom, HeXen and Heretic fans lol

Anyway, I presume I need to start with Heretic??

Also with the latest release Doomsday 1.9.8, will they play ok, or at least the first one to get me going for a while? Also should I add the mods from the Add-ons page or play Vanilla first?

I read something about patching them first, not sure if Steams version is patched or not etc



  • it's up to you and i would start with heretic as it is a good game and even people who have played heretic and not doom they still like doom. I have played both and find them as enjoyable as one another
  • Try the playable shareware. I think you can still use their WAD files in Doom Engine. :)
  • hexen 2 is definitely worth a buy, still have my orginal cd B-)
  • Thanks guys, will grab these games on the Steam bundle soon :)
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