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Music does not restart after reloading

edited 2012 Jun 14 in Technical Support
I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but on my setup (Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion, Doomsday 1.9.8 stable) music tracks do not restart after reloading a save within the current map (or alternatively start a new game, let the music play for a bit and then restart the game...same result).

If it is a feature, can I toggle this behavior somewhere?


  • That sounds like a bug, could you submit a bug report? ... tid=542099
  • This is vanilla behavior.
  • I already filed a report, but reg is right. I just checked against Doom2.exe and it is vanilla behavior.
  • Sounds like a compatibility option is needed.
  • Such a compat option could be a double edged sword.

    Currently Dday offers no modding functionality with music aside from the playmusic console command, which isn't saved in save games (i.e. if a map calls a playmusic console command and you then save your game, the music will reset to the maps default when you load it).

    But what if Dday gains modding options in future, like the ability to read loop points in music?

    One might deliberately design a music track with an intro that, through use of a loop point, is only meant to be heard one; this compat option might lead to it being heard again out of it's intended context.

    The ideal scenario would be that Dday saves where it is in a music track, when you save the game and continues playing from that point when you load it. Of course, what's the practicality of such?
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