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Doomsday with OS X Lion -> music problems

Hello guys,

I recently upgraded my system to OS X Lion and now there are some problems with the midi music in Doomsday(1.9.7 322).
There seems to be a problem with the instrument mapping. The music is playing, but uses at some points the wrong instruments. Some tracks play fine, other are completely screwed up (for example the intro screen music of Doom 2).

I do not think that this is a problem within Doomsday. Other Doom source ports which use SDL also have the same issue.


  • I've noticed this, too. Apple has apparently changed the MIDI playback interface, or there is some bug in Lion that causes it to behave differently.

    I'm working on a solution...
  • Cool, glad to know that this is a known problem and not a problem with my setup :).

    As long as we are on the subject, may I also request a feature regarding midi on OS X?
    I think it would be great if the player would get an option to decide if Doomsday should send the midi data to coreaudio or coremidi. With coreaudio the player can only use the softsynth built into Quicktime. Sending the midi data to coremidi would allow the player to use external midi devices for playback or use another softsynth like fluidsynth in combination with high quality soundfonts.
  • We are somewhat limited at present on OS X due to our use of Quicktime, however we are considering FluidSynth for MIDI playback as a possible alternative. Certainly my own experience with this library has been very positive on Windows, though I don't know whether skyjake has had chance to trial it on OS X yet.
  • Sorry, I work in IT, but I am not a developer so I do not know exactly how things work internally. :(
    There are apps for OS X which use SDL (for example the OSX ports of Dosbox and Scummvm) and which provide an option called coremidi for the midi playback and the great thing about this is that I can freely decide what to do with the midi data (I mostly use it for routing the midi data to my external Roland SC-55, but a soft synth like Fluidsynth would also be an option). But like I said, I do not know how these apps handle things differently in contrast to Doomsday and how hard it would be to implement.

    I realize that you are currently in the process of a major rewrite of Doomsday, so just regard it as a "nice-to-have"-feature :).
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