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Questions regarding Auto-Aim/External Midi devices

edited 2011 Feb 11 in General
Hello there,

I have been using Doomsday for a while now (current beta on Mac OS X 10.6) and I really like it (especially the great in-game configuration menus). I have little to no knowledge about source port gaming, the last Dooming sessions were on my old 486 with the original exe. Now after some time I have collect several things I would like to ask/request.

1. Is the behavior of auto-aim any different in contrast to vanilla doom? I wondered this because the Doomsday engine supports vertical aiming which is not possible in the original game (currently I do not use vertical aim).

2. I also have a general question regarding auto-aiming: Sometimes the aiming does not work and I do not know why. I know that auto-aim only works for a certain distance, but sometimes the aiming does not work when an enemy is standing on a ledge and definitely not out of range. I am not able to reproduce this behavior constantly, but I am suspecting it has something to do with the enemy sprite being only partial visible. Can someone maybe explain this to me so that I can a better feel for it in order to waste less ammo?

3. Currently I use pageup/pagedwn for the occasionally up and down looking if some maps need it. Is it also possible to have a key on the keyboard to toggle vertical aiming, which also automaticaly centers the screen again after switching it off?

4. And a request: Would it be possible to add an option for the Mac OS X Version which allows sending the midi data to Apples CoreMidi? I have a Roland Sound Canvas device connected to my machine and it would be cool to use it. On Windows it is no big deal since you can just use the control panel in order to point the midi mapper to an external device, but such a global option does not exist in OSX as far as I know.

Apologies if my grammar is a little bit ark-ward from time to time, English is not my native tongue.


  • In my original post I forgot a thing I noticed:

    5. On some occasions if an enemy is standing on a small ledge and I take cover behind that ledge, the enemy can attack me. I noticed this first in one of the very first rooms in Doom 2 (the room with the 4 plattforms and 4 gunners(2 switches, blue floor). When I eliminate 3 of the gunners and hide directly behind the ledge the 4th gunner is standing on, I get hit. I compared this to the behavior of PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom and on this ports the gunner shoots, but all shots hit the opposite wall.
  • I've compared Windows Doomsday 1.8.6 and 1.9 Beta 6.9 to Dos Doom2 and you seem right regarding 5.
  • Bug report for 5. added
  • Indeed, it may also be the cause of 2.
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