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High quality sound issue

edited 2010 Sep 27 in Technical Support
I downloaded the high quality sound pack off the addons page and put the two files within the download in
program files/doomsday/data/jdoom. I can tell that these are the right sounds, but for some reason they are very low pitch. whats going on and how can i fix it?


  • I realize now that i can just put the pk3 file in the snowberry addons folder, but the sounds are still low pitch.
  • It's a problem with doomsdays sound code.
    I believe you are running a Linux Distro?
  • No, i am using windows xp.
  • Dday supports several audio plugins; SDL mixer, Direct Sound and OpenAl. The plugin used can be found under sound options on the settings tab of Snowberry.

    The default audio plugin, SDL mixer, for the 1.9 betas is arguably, pretty poor; the direct sound plugin will probably give you much better sound under Windows for instance.

    However SDL is the only audio plugin in the 1.9 Betas that supports both sound and music (direct sound in the 1.9 betas has no music), hence why it is the default.
  • Thats allright, I play with my own music sitting in the background on the desktop. As long as the sounds work, im good to go. Thank you very much.
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