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On the old forum I remember some talk about turning Doom64 (Absolution) possibly into a plugin, is there any information on what happened to this?


  • Are you perhaps referring to my jDoom64 project?

    The idea with the jDoom64 project is to replicate the original DOOM64 within the Doomsday engine. I started the project by basing it on the Doom64 TC, updating it to run under the 1.9.0 architecture and then stripping out everything that wasn't in the original. After which I began taking apart the original using a bunch of specially modified N64 emulators to decipher the various algorithms used to decode the data resources. After creating working algorithms to decode the majority of which, I put the project on temporary hold while we continue work on Doomsday.

    At present, the jDoom64 project is pretty much in limbo until Doomsday 2.0 is released. However, I keep the source up to date, tracking changes in Doomsday and will occasionally devote some time exclusively to jDoom64.
  • Thanks for the update DaniJ.
  • Is there any way of getting the old Absolution project to work on Doomsday? I have the second to last beta (1.8.6), and I tried putting the old Absolution into it, and while it started up fine, I somehow couldn't move other than turning left and right, and last time I tried exiting out of it, it locked up my kickstart.
  • No there isn't sadly. It would take a very large effort to update the old Absolution project to work with the latest version of the Public API. Conversely, the work on DOOM64 support is not yet anywhere near supporting it. Ideally I'd like to see this progressing but presently we are working elsewhere.

    Work on this is basically on hold while we further optimize the API to support the proposed feature set for 2.0

    I' can't help on your problem though as the 1.8.6 codebase is much older and rather different to the current and I don't know what the Absolution team may have changed.
  • Well, that sucks. I was really hoping to play Absolution. Why is it so hard to emulate Doom 64, anyway?
  • The source code was not released to the public so it first has to be reverse engineered, before then reimplementing it within the Doomsday architecture. Which in addition requires a few changes to the renderer which we are currently looking at.

    It all takes time and we lack it :-/
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