2.0+, FBX, MD5, OH MY!!!

... I come back and you've done this?! I freakin love you guys!

My latest models and designs have been waiting for this. MD2 was killing my motivation but 2.0+ is the fountain of youth I've been waiting for Baby! Yeah!

I have actually left the video game industry and have been back to college full time and I'm in dire need of a creative outlet. Summer block schedule is balls! Thank you so much for this.

And since model scripting documentation is still non-existent to sparse, i'm going to be data-mining the hell out of you guys.

I love you guys! Have I said that already? IDDQD


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    I don't know you or your work but, if you are going to model monsters, could you please do some that have never yet been modeled? I would very much like to have a complete model monster set for Hexen. It's never been completed. It seems that most that model want to re-do models that we already have and ignore what we never had.
  • TLDR; Well, the short answer is - No.


    As much as I would also just love to work on some Heretic and Hexen models, I have already got an invested interest in, and have done a handful of monsters for Doom. My project had gained a little attention at doomworld.com almost... a decade ago (wow!) but those models (and textures) are obsolete and are no longer being used. You can find the old project that officially opened in 2011 here http://www.doomascension.com/

    I actually had a second test design direction and some zombieman screens were shown somewhere here but that direction failed too. While the first batch was more loyal to Quake III Arena, and the second seemed to try to look more realistic and unique, In the end we have decided to go in a more loyal stylized direction. I know that "more loyal" is subjective and that the new "stylized" direction will be a bit disliked by some but I love it.

    I ended up putting things on hold when Danij told me MD5 and FBX would be supported AND, at the same time, my business was failing so I had to do what I could to put all of my time and sanity into salvaging what I could and giving the company a good controlled crash.

    A bit more than just a response to the question but I'M TOO EXCITED!
  • Welcome back! :smile:
  • @skyjake
    Thanks! I wasn't expecting to be back this soon. I had no idea you guys were even close to releasing DE2.

    Wait, why would you even ask for this from me when we've got someone like veirdo here. Maybe something like this is what you're looking for http://dengine.net/talk/discussion/2329/ethereal-crossbow-2-0/p1
  • I guess you didn't read my whole post. Every one that models is doing remakes of models that we already have and there are many monsters that have never yet been modeled. You gave the answer that I expected though, everyone and his brother wants to do Doom. That's fine and I'll be happy to get what's given. I just thought you might want to venture where no man has gone before.
  • Heheh fair enough. I actually want to see that too. Heretic models done right would be mmm'mmm tasty.
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    Damn straight they would!

    Welcome back NiuHaka. I remember your stuff very fondly. It's good to see you back specifically and it's great to see more modellers join the cause!

    PostFatal - I'm assuming that's aimed at myself and KuriKai - don't worry, there are plenty more models coming that are new for Doom, such as the Spider Mastermind.

    I'd like to do a few Heretic models as well. I have a Golem model that I worked on with Krononomikon that needs a lot of work, but I'd like to update to the modern renderer.
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    nothing is aimed at anyone specific.
  • Alright! Tea Monster is still here.
    I've missed this place.
  • Just for the record, or in case anyone is interested, the Hexen items that have no corresponding models are as follows:

    Frost Wendigo
    HUD weapon: Quietus

    For Heretic, there are no dead state models for some enemies (as memory serves, these are Iron Lich and Disciples of Dsparil).
  • Welcome back NiuHaka!

    I am a newbie as active writer in this forum but I have followed and read this forum atleast a decade.

    And yes. I know some NiuHaka from doomascension dot com :smile:
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