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Vintage Doom Music - orchestrated original compositions



  • There, I've uploaded a batch of more tracks.
    Yeah, keep criticizing and liking the tracks.
    I started to assign all the tracks to the whole first 1-2 Episodes, all of Doom 1 is nearly "done".
    There are a lot of tracks that base of Doom 2 tracks. So ultimately it will be a pack to replace all of Doom 1 & 2!
    Most of the new tracks are introducing the Hellish themed music. Those most are located in Doom 2.
    Some changes are still work in progress. I will most certainly make a new Intermission music.
    I also uploaded the INTRO music (fanfare)

    One of thse might be interesting, which is the track for E1M4:
    The track was initially slower and I upped the tempo to 145 BMP, which fits much better.

    The next is a track with Accoustic Guitar which I choose to fit rather nicely. It creates a new feeling:

    The track chosen for E1M3 was not initially done for. It's actually quiet a good match with a new groove.

    The next one is a Hellish themed track:
    The idea was having cymbals (unpitched) instruments play sort of a melody.
    Demons dancing around some strange ritual.

    The next one is a big piece. Technically and lengthy. A rather off-world ambient style groove that fits as replacement for The Spirit World (Doom 2).

    Here is another track that serves as "replacement" for Barrels o' Fun

    There is another track, inspired by a motif from the movie Aliens. Ticking Time motif.
    Which I read the score and emulated it, extended upon it. It is "jarring". That's what it is.
    I thought it served well as an ambient bg score for a Hellish map.

    Let me add another gimmick.
    This is a purely orchestrated version of E1M1 - HANGAR I made some time ago. It's not in context with the project.
    But rather an interpretation.
    DOOM HANGAR E1M1 (orchestrated)

    The mixed rest can be heard in this playlist:
    Vintage Doom Music Playlist nr3

    I will add a compiled list of Level/Track assignment so far.
    Some serve as placeholder or insecure about the match-factor.
    I will be unsure about E1M9 (where I've assigned SPIRIT MACHINE (Black Sabbath) currently.
    And E2M9 where I've assigned PAST SHOULDERS (Motörhead).
    I've choosen a surprise track for E1M8, which is so famously that it's impossible to tribute.
    The result is rather well fitting with TOCCATA in Dm
  • all quite good tracks but for Hyperion i think it's suited to the lvl titled monster condo. it give me that vibe. i would like it if you could send me the looping tracks that your sure of there placement. My Email is i will do a vid showing the songs off.
  • Thanks man.

    The downloads on Soundcloud should be the
    original files, untouched. At least thats declared.
    They are 320kbps and loop.
    Otherwise give me note.
    It would be awesome if you compile a demo pak/wad to use for ZDoom/Doomsday

    The choice for E1M5 is great, trust me.
    If you listen to the faint bg instruments you get why.
    The track for Monster Condo is the third one already uploaded with a steel accoustic = INIT REFRESH DAEMON. Otherwise I'll use it for another D2 Map.
    The level assignment will be on it's way later this day.
  • Current Level/Track assignment has been added to the first post.
  • i will do my best and i will do a vid as well as soon as possible. once i do the vid i will upload the pk3 since i do not like music in wad files as it is just stupid to do that also my pk3 for zdoom will work for gzdoom and zandornum.

    Edit: i need to convert the mp3s to ogg due to a popping that is occurring unless it's something that can be solved by updating.

    Edit 2: had to convert them to ogg as updating did not solve the popping problem.
  • I pretty much prefer a pak myself. Wads just
    feel wrong for addons.

    Unfortunate news about the popping.
    Re-converting to .ogg is basically a no-go. Expect for test reason.

    I was under the impression having played music packs that used mp3 as format, no problems.
    Maybe its possible to use mp3 in a.ogg container and adding the LAME or other decoder?
    Jdoom should be able to handle the format.
  • doomsday can play mp3 but not at the bit rate you have it at and the one thing with mp3 unless you use the right software you might get a silence space but not with ogg also too oggs can have looping points for players and games that can have it. winamp in not one of thos. here is the vid.

    Edit: i still think the track you got for e1m5 dose not fit.
  • Hello.

    Well for E1M5 you could try the track TETHYS BADLANDS you surprisingly used for the end-screen.
    It has got a part from the original E1M5 in it.
    But I will probably compose another one. I tried to do one specific for E1M5 but haven't come up with a proper idea.

    About E1M9. I've uploaded three more tracks I didn't wan't to use. But maybe you find an apropirate match.
    TOKEN ACE PT2 could work as least a placeholder.

    On another note: Would you be so kind to upload or send me the .pak file?
    Can you assign the Episode 2 tracks? As noted I tend to use PAST SHOULDERS for E2M1 since it paces better.
    The crazy woodwind parts are actually reminiscent of the solo in the original.
    Sure it can't match the original song for sheer epicness :)

  • i will do an episode 2 later on but i did episode 1 for now and i need to find a service that works that is not dropbox will post the link when i get it done.

    Edit when i do another vid i will try and do episode 1 and 2 and put in some musical changes i think fit some lvls a bit more but for the most part all the songs fit nicely where i put them. also the next vid will have wast tunnels instead of the one i got in there.

    Edit 2: here is the link with episode 1 only when i get episode 2 done i will update it. ... o8/VDM.pk3
  • The same thing compiled for ZDoom:
    No idea if that filehost works.
    Sorry to say but I momentarily prefer the pure classic look of ZDoom.

    btw: I've made an updated particles-pack for better effects (no yellow glowy Imp Fireballs, Redder Barrel Explosions and pseudo ZDoom style textured blood splatters instead of blobs). Will add that soon.
  • ... no episode 2 since dday crashed due to a combining factors but i tryed to do a 100% run of the first episode also it's probably still being published at the time of writhing this.
  • Man. Now you've used TOKEN ACE PT2 for E1M5? A even more upbeat track. If at all E1M5 needs a sinister ambient track. TETHYS BADLANDS would work, since its musically quoting the map. You could use CEREMONIAL ACT, but thats rather reserved to go for a hellish Doom 2 map.

    TOKEN ACE PT2 was supposed to be E1M9, at least temporarily.

    Thanks nonetheless.
  • to me it fits but i am still experementing and the song that is for e1m9 fits tho i think.
  • I uploaded my own playthrough using ZDoom.
    Playing old school with classic graphics and keyboard only. UV.
    You find it on Youtube my account rgerber
  • is there any updates on the pack?
  • not bad! some of that tracks are awesome, so asking for permission to add those to the playlist of my doom radio stream? if so would be possible to get it in flac or at least 320k mp3?
    pleae PM me ...
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