Just completed Hexen, for first time in around 20 years.

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In fact I've just replayed Doom, Doom 2, Heretic and Hexen in Doomsday 1.1.5, and had a blast - though even now, I still think that Doom 2 feels like a real slog at times

Hexen was fantastic, and it was the one game that I've never really replayed properly in a modern source port. In fact I've not really played it in any serious manner since the late 1990s. Hexen always in a bit of an unfinished state on modern source ports, with a few bugs, and glitches, plus it's seen the least attention in terms of models and textures, there's still plenty of missing textures and models for this game. Despite this, I had a fantastic time using the existing community resource pack, and thoroughly enjoyed the game. It's amazing how much you remember, even when you've not played a game for years, and also amazing how much you forget! I got stuck in a couple of areas.

So, on to the real point of my post. Hexen still misses the following 3D actor models:

Frost Wendigo
(the final three would also count as player models)

Also there is no model for the following HUD weapon:

It was funny though how soon I got used to sprites. After a while I stopped really noticing. Still it would be nice to have a complete model pack.

In addition I encountered the following glitches (v 1.15)

Hub 3 - Heresiarch's Seminary.

In the courtyard area leading to Orchard of Lamentation is a switch hidden behind a tree. This switch activates four revolving doors, one of which leads to a storeroom containing the fourth shard of the ultimate weapon.
The doors are supposed to keep on rotating once the switch is pressed, however, after going through the first door, it locked behind me, and all other doors stopped revolving and became inaccessible. This makes it potentially impossible for the player to receive their ultimate weapons at that point, unless the no clip cheat is used.

Hub 3 - Wolf Chapel / Dragon Chapel

In Wolf Chapel is an 'atrium' area, that looks a bit like a stadium, containing an alcove at the far end, with an Icon of The Defender. Selecting this raises a wedge-shaped platform, and summons Dark Bishops. It also unlocks the final part of the puzzle in Dragon Chapel.

In Dragon Chapel is a passage (there are two such passages, but the first one is unlocked earlier without issues) containing two revolving pillars, which are supposed to move allowing access to the passage beyond. But when the corresponding puzzle is unlocked in Wolf Chapel, only one pillar moves. The other stays in place, but stops revolving. If No Clip is used to bypass the blockage, the glitched pillar then moves properly into place. This makes it impossible to progress without cheating.

On the plus side, all other hubs worked flawlessly. Seven Portals, which was pretty broken in v 1.14 is now perfect - or at least that was my own experience.

Hope this is of some help to you for future updates. Thank you.


  • I am complete agree with you!!! hexen is one of the best puzzle-fps ever made (hexen 2 is the best of all the time)...I hope that its retextured project 'll be perfect like heretic (that I have finished 2-3 years ago with doomsday).
  • Must be a joke or a fake. The Hexen port up to this very day is not in a condition where you can finish the game except you play it without interruption from start to the end in one session. Anything else will lead to the "doors not opening", "wall not turnig" and "Hub key flags are not counting" problems ever since.
  • even tho i lost my save i got close to the end of the game with relatively no problems so it is possible.
  • me too. I've finished Hexen about two months ago ,
    when I was young i loved that game but i didn't have the mind to follow it completely since in certain points it could quite challenging regarding puzzles, so I played it cheating around.
    this is a really good game and it deserves a modern remake like DOOM. Craptivision should leave it in better hands
    btw I finished it without any technical problem in one of latest doomsday.
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    Still no progress with the bugs that cause the errors mentioned before?

    If you could tell me where the heck the savegames are located, i could send you one, where on this very day with the latest doomsday engine (1.15.8) these errors still ARE present. In the heresiarchs seminary, 4 walls ARE NOT rotating as they should. That's all I could test today, there's probably more, like the puzzle switch flags not being set and stuff like that... Sorry for beeing a pain in the neck but I wouldn't complain or annoy you with posts like that if the bug would have finally been fixed after such a long time. Isn't it almost a year now?
  • dcp wrote:
    Still no progress with the bugs that cause the errors mewntioned before?
    Hexen hasn't been touched recently, no.

    I'm seeing at least these two issues in the tracker:
    I'll take a look at these two for the 2.0 release, although I can't promise I can find a solution in time for the release. Let me know if there are other urgent issues in the tracker that are relevant to Hexen gameplay, or submit a new one if necessary.
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    Just a quick update.

    Just completed Hexen using V 2372 stable release.

    Everything is almost perfect, all issues mentioned in my older post are fixed, all doors and puzzles work. Game is now 100% completable.

    Only minor issue I had was mostly in Hub 1 (Seven Portals). Monsters are not alerted to player's presence. For example, when opening the first big brass doors that lead to Guardian of Fire and Guardian of Steel, pressing a switch opens a small alcove with a Chaos Serpent and flechettes. In the vanilla game, these serpents immediately attack the player - however in my Doomsday playthough the serpents remain in their alcoves, do not see or attack you, unless you attack them, or step into their line of sight. This is repeated in a few other areas of the game, but for some reason is mostly restricted to Hub 1.

    Very minor issue though, and nothing to worry about. I'd need someone else to confirm it before posting any kind of bug report.
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    Glad to hear things are working better. :smile:

    There are a couple of bugs in the tracker related to monsters not waking up: Fixing these is currently planned for the 2.1 release.
  • Excellent, and thank you. Things seem to be well in hand, given that the issue is already known about.
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