[Hexen] Problem with doors not opening etc.

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Well I orioginally had a problem on the 2nd level where I got all 6 tiles to light up but the secret level would not open and the main door to end the level would not open. So I used the noclip to get past there and on to the next level.

Well i'm not on the 3rd level and have completed all the puzzles to make the 9 tiles light up. Part way threw though some of the tiles I had lit and completed decided to not be lit and complete anymore so I once again had to use the noclip to finish. Well that really didnt do me any good because now i'm done but the tiles are not all lit so there is no big battle to be had and then I cannot move on without the noclip again.

Whats going on with my game and is there a fix for this? I'm using 1.14.5


  • This issue (ID: 1846) is scheduled to be fixed for the upcoming 1.15 release.

    The problem is caused by a fault in the interpretation of a Hexen specific data chunk in the Hexen savegame format.
  • ok cool. So that should fix all the issues with doors not opening or not being able to complete all the puzzles etc? When is that scheduled to be released?
  • All those issues are indeed symptoms of that one fault, yes.

    Presently there is no concrete date for the release, however, the roadmap for version 1.15 currently stands at 98% complete, with only this and a couple more minor issues left to be resolved.
  • OK cool. Thank you very much. I'll postpone playing the game until the new release.
  • Hi guys,

    playing Hexen with the latest stable release of Dengine and I'm still encountering problems with doors not opening, puzzle switches not being registered and even worse, for example, the rotating doors in heresiarchs seminary, which are supposed to rotate endlessly after pressing the swith hidden behind two grey trees in the southeastern area of the map, just rotated one single time and stayed shut for the better of two or three hours (in realtime, left them alone for that time and they didn't rotate even once more at all).

    The doors and switches not registering is a problem for itself which can be solved by restarting the hub over and over and ONE FINE DAY it will work, so the BUG is not reliably reproducable but the doors not moving IS an issue which is reproducable, it doesn't happen in any other iteration of the game (be it PS1 or N64 or DOS).

    Is there any chance you'll fix that? I hope there is, thank you in advance!
  • If you are still encountering problems, please submit a new bug to our Tracker and supply a doomsday.out log file (it contains vital version number and other technical information) and any savegames where the bug is appearing. Please also specify exactly which doors are not opening, and which puzzle switches are not registered. It will help us greatly to find the problem if you can be as specific as possible about the circumstances where the bugs are occurring.
  • Maybe I'm just stupid but I can't figure out how to submit a bug to your tracker.

    And I can't find an .out file in the doomsday folder newer than some old file from 2014, though the engine taskbar tells me it's version is 1.15.5 in the lower right hand corner. Do I have to manually initiate a log file dump?

    Another thing that occured while testing different things and starting/quitting the engine several times is that in 3 out of 4 times I close the program it quits to a black screen, and I've got to CTRL-ALT-DEL me out of there...

    Nevermind, maybe I'll have to dig an old PC out of the basement which I remember has run an old version of doomsday engine quite well and Hexen was playable without issues back then. ;)
  • dcp wrote:
    Nevermind, maybe I'll have to dig an old PC out of the basement which I remember has run an old version of doomsday engine quite well and Hexen was playable without issues back then. ;)

    You could try this build. I did played Hexen with it a few day ago (multiplayer part) to test it with the high definition pack. It seems to be okay with this one--build 1.10.4.

    You can download from this location:

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/deng/fi ... ne/1.10.4/
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