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compile only server

is it possible to somehow compile only server binary on freebsd without lot of dependencies??


  • Currently a dedicated server uses the same binary as a regular Doomsday instance. It is not presently possible to build a "cut down" version for use as a dedicated server. This is something we intend to address over the course of the 1.9.x series.
  • any progress on that?
  • You can nowadays compile the server only by giving qmake the "CONFIG+=deng_noclient" option. That will exclude all the GUI/client components from the build.
  • unfortunately there is no appropriate switch in freebsd ports ...

    ===>>> The following actions will be taken if you choose to proceed:
    Install games/doomsday
    Install archivers/zip
    Install audio/sdl_mixer
    Install audio/libmikmod
    Install audio/timidity
    Install devel/sdl12
    Install devel/nasm
    Install graphics/aalib
    Install graphics/libGLU
    Install graphics/libGL
    Install archivers/gtar
    Install devel/bison
    Install devel/m4
    Install devel/gettext-tools
    Install devel/libdevq
    Install devel/makedepend
    Install devel/xorg-macros
    Install graphics/libdrm
    Install devel/libpciaccess
    Install misc/pciids
    Install graphics/libglapi
    Install lang/python2
    Install textproc/py-libxml2
    Install devel/py-setuptools27
    Install x11/dri2proto
    Install x11/glproto
    Install x11/libXdamage
    Install x11/damageproto
    Install x11/libxshmfence
    Install x11/presentproto
    Install x11/libXxf86vm
    Install x11/xf86vidmodeproto
    Install devel/qmake4
    Install devel/qt4-corelib
    Install devel/qt4-moc
    Install graphics/qt4-opengl
    Install x11-toolkits/qt4-gui
    Install devel/qt4-rcc
    Install devel/qt4-uic
    Install devel/xdg-utils
    Install misc/hicolor-icon-theme
    Install x11/xprop
    Install x11/xset
    Install x11-fonts/libXfontcache
    Install x11-fonts/fontcacheproto
    Install print/cups-client
    Install x11/libXcursor
    Install x11/libXinerama
    Install x11/xineramaproto
    Install x11/libXrandr
    Install x11/randrproto
    Install net/qt4-network
    Install net/sdl_net

    ===>>> Proceed? y/n [y]
  • Yeah you would have to build manually from source to use that qmake option...
  • ok, any list of all required dependencies??
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