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List of sound effect names?

edited 2014 Jan 5 in DOOM
I tried Google but no luck. I'm looking for a complete list of every sound effect in Doom/Doom2. Just the names. I'm making my own sound pack for use with ZDoom but I don't know half the names. Got some of them by looking at the sfx pack for jDoom but they're not all there. I did this already with Sycraft's remixes. Took them all and changed the folder structure, saved as PK3, and opened with ZDoom and they play. I want to do the same thing with sounds, but I need the sound effect file names so they are loaded over the existing sounds. If this is the wrong way to go about this by the way, don't hesitate to correct me. I already have the sounds I want to use.


  • best way is to look in the wad it's self.
  • Doomsday uses sound definition, which can be found in sounds.ded inside JDoom.pk3. The definitions then link to actual sounds.

    The definitions are named after the in wad lumps minus the 'DS' at the start. So you can take the names from the audio.ded and add 'DS' to the start of them (i.e DSPOSIT2-POSIT2).

    ZDoom also has something similar, in the form of it's 'sndinfo.txt' in ZDoom/GZDoom.pk3.
  • Vermil wrote:
    ZDoom also has something similar, in the form of it's 'sndinfo.txt' in ZDoom/GZDoom.pk3.
    Thanks! This helped. Now what about music for TNT/Plutonia? I got all my music set up for Doom 1 and 2 (although I had to copy some and change the names to the next level they are on or else they just played the MIDIs) but Final Doom for whatever reason won't even play the MIDI tracks. It just repeats the entire Doom 2 tracks. Without my music, they play the original music.

    I'm assuming I need some kind of definition file to tell ZDoom to play certain tracks. I can see already that's what Doomsday does because the same tracks are not duplicated.

    Off topic, but I noticed the DHTP for ZDoom has some strange issues. The gateway textures are messed up and some more even in Well of Souls.
  • You would get more help about setting up ZDoom on their forums; the people there will naturally be far more knowledgeable on the port :)
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