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Is this intended behavior now? (status bar)

Seems in the latest builds of Doomsday, when you're starting up a level or loading up a game, a blank status bar is drawn immediately. Once the "screen melt" has passed by, then the rest of the status bar (health/armor/ammo numbers, etc) is drawn up. In Vanilla Doom and other source port, the status bar is drawn in its entirety right after the screen melt.



  • Sounds like a bug. A number of changes have been done regarding the transition effect (screen melt), so regressions are possible. I'll look into it.
  • I believe this is a long standing issue but which has only recently been made obvious due to the busy mode changes. In vanilla the statusbar widgets are initialized with the special value '1994' at the start of the map. During this state the displays are hidden. It is intended behavior in the sense that it is behaving the way code says it should do.
  • EDIT: Never mind, it's happening to me. :-O

    This happened to me when I was trying a different high resolution UI add-on. When I switched back to the better one, it didn't happen again.
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