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  • Searinox wrote:
    I have removed light effects for TLITE6_5 aka the M32 ceiling lights. Here is the modified package.

    Decoration glow effects can now be fully enjoyed without having to lag on M32. If you do not manage to archive this file before it expires, I will be making periodic visits here and re-uploading it.
    Link is down! I'd like this pack but without the lag.
  • Thanks so much for those awesome packs.

    I note that some of the stuff in the Add-ons section isn't working at the moment, but from your links I was able to grab Slide's Skyboxes, and the complete Heretic resource pack, which seems to be a one-stop shop with every single thing you need all contained within.
  • How do you get rid of the "There was an error in the metadata entry of the addon jhrp+psy-20100928-pk3" message in snowberry?

    Also does anyone have a mirror to the M32 fixed file that was at ?
  • Hey Guys was interested in the model repack and sky boxes for doom they say PK3 files but once downloaded they are Zip files so a huge noob question on how do I use these addons? sorry for the noob question
  • you can simply rename them as pk3 instead of zip but I'm not sure that it's needed anymore.
  • yea ive used the install option and ive used the rename to pk3 but when I use it I get erros unable to locate x skin ect oilbarrels and stuff
  • Hi, I know that this is an old thread but would someone be most kind and re upload these four files so we can download them? The link are long since down and I cannot find them elsewhere, many thanks in advance.
  • I believe three of those are available on the Add-ons page as torrents.

    Here are the links:
    This one is still missing, but I've made a torrent for it: jdrp101+11a+fixes.pk3
  • Ah thanks very much skyjane that is great it was the jdrp101+11a+fixes.pk3 that I wanted most! Very nice of you I will grab that later tonight when I get home from work.
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