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Alternate Link for "Risen3DPack for Doomsday Engine"

edited 2015 Dec 25 in Addons for DOOM

I just wanted to let you all know that I had uploaded the Risen3DPack on an alternative site moddb if anyone interesting. Occasionally, my personal site would be inaccessible for download from time to time. I hope this would not be an issue with anyone who created the actual contents. The contents of the pack are very good to be shared for those who care. I had included the words "Sitters and Abbs enhanced models" to inform some form of authorship of the main pack. So as a reminder, I did not create the contents of the pack as I described in the full description. I just simply repackaged the Risen 3D models and some from jDoom Resource Pack to fix some issues to work with recent builds of the Doomsday Engine. There are other addons not related to Doomsday on this link as well if interesting. Enjoy.
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