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Hexen enhancements?

edited 2009 Sep 13 in Addons for Hexen
So, while goofing around on Youtube I came across this video:

It looks pretty nice. Anyone know which addon would be this? The guy that posted the video doesn't remember and lost the files unfortunately...


  • I don't know where it comes from, but it does indeed look nice
  • pbsoa wrote:
    The guy that posted the video doesn't remember and lost the files unfortunately...

    So he says. Who deletes addons thinking "I will never ever play that again now that i've made a video to show-off" :-/

    You'd think he'd have SOMETHING on his personal webpage at :(
  • Acidglow is an asshole.

    Yes, I do have reasons for saying that.

    He's just a bitter, arrogant wretch of a person.
  • Ravencraft wrote:
    Acidglow is an asshole.

    Yes, I do have reasons for saying that.

    He's just a bitter, arrogant wretch of a person.

    Ok, not knowing the person that you are talking about, I cannot comment. But your statements do beg the question, Why do you feel this way? I, myself was put off by his insistance that 3d models are bad, but I would not go so far as to call him a name. What is it that makes you call him a bad name? He is independant and keeping to himself, but other than that I can't condemn him. Is life so hard that we have to condemn people just because they have a different view than we do? Maybe his work is of merit to some and maybe not to others, I myself would like to see better effects and 3d models. Maybe in his world I am a Heretic.

    Personally, I would like to see games such as Heretic and Hexen have a terrain that is more lifelike. But, some may feel that this would change the original feel of the game. I would not say that either perspective is wrong. I do like the 3d models and would like to see some changes in the terrain (hills, valleys, and such) but I would not call anyone a name because they do not agree. End of rant.

    P.S. I'm sure that there is more to this than I am aware of but, if you don't explain then how can I know?
  • We had a little fight on Youtube a year or so ago.

    I had posted a comment critiquing one of his videos. It was not overly offensive in any way. Yet he insulted me and blocked me. He use to not let anyone subscribe to him. If they did, he'd remove and belittle them. I frequently saw him talk down to people, even if they were being nice.

    He's an arrogant and elitist dick.

    I don't stew over it, and I'm not condemning him. I'm just saying I don't appreciate the way he acted towards me and others.
  • If what you speak of is true Ravencraft, he just sounds like a typical, self-righteous CounterStrike-remeniscent fanboy (not saying all CS fans are jerks, just every one i've ever known).

    Unfortunately there's always a significant number of them in any niche videogame culture - even Doom. They're just trying to look the coolest I guess, whatever their reasons it doesnt matter. He wants to remain isolated and antisocial, that's his choice and his lost. Just leave him be to his sulking :P
  • Yeah, I really shouldn't have said anything. I'm guilty of all the things I'm accusing him of. As we all are. Sigh. Sorry.

    I need to wise up.
  • Pfft we all do it at some point. People are jerks, that's life. All that matters is what you do here and now, not the mistakes you've made in the past.

    Still, the fact that he's showing off "his" mods on YouTube, then "doesn't remember what they were and lost them", as he says, well he's either a liar and wants to keep it for himself for who-knows-why, or at the very least he's not very intelligent at all for deleting something he made a public video out of, not remembering what it was, then keeping the video of it... :-/ wtf?

    Broadcasting a video then witholding the source of it's content (whether voluntary or not) is completely illogical and makes no sense, no matter which way you look at it. Somewhere, he made a retarded mistake. If he is an AvP2 modder and can create a Doomsday video, I assume he is somewhat organised and tracks his work, therefore it's safe to say he is indeed a jerk.

    There you go, I justified your rage for you :P now lets move on.

    If anyone knows these addons, do share. All I know of is the stuff from Cain-X and deus-ex (and the brand-new material comming from Psychikon right here of course).
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