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Exploding “puffs” of fog in Hexen

edited 2013 Jul 17 in Addons for Hexen
In Hexen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel in the very beginning of the 3rd episode if you turn to your right you will see a large pillar and it will have exploding “puffs” of fog around and behind it. However, this only seems to happen if I am using jXCCP_123.pk3. If I use jXCCP.pk3, I see only darker clouds floating in the fog (similar to the sky). This is with an Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU and with build 926.

Each gives a different feel to the environment.

Are people with AMD equipment also getting this effect?


  • This is not a video card issue. What you see is the work of the latest FX-Decor.ded made by deus-ex, I think. This is a bit annoying behavior of the fog and I'll remove it in the forthcoming JXCCP 1.3
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