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---doom model project---

edited 2010 Jul 14 in Addons for DOOM
What is the doom model project?
The aim is to recreate the sprites from doom as 3d models. While trying to keep as faithful as possible to the sprites
For use on doom games using new doom based game engines


  • here is a screenshot of the wip heavy weapons dude
  • Not bad but the hands are not bloody and i also think you should go as hi quality as you can then scale it back to fit with the poly limit of the doomsday engine.
  • thanks, this is my attempt at low poky modeling (though it has been creeping up because people complained)
    my first high poly one will be the baron, after that I might revisit the humans.

    ok, removed the blood from his hands
  • Will these models have damage stages? Are these supposed to be an official replacement to the current JDRP once all of them are done or is there an official pack that is planned to replace the current JDRP that has hi-res textures, model stages, and all that?
  • This is a model project to get models looking as accurate to the sprites as possible. It will be up to who ever wants to package them to make it into a "jdrp" and people can do what they want with them, as long as if they distribute them then they release any changes they made
  • one reason i say go hi-res first is if you start low it will not turn out as you expected and you will not get the detail you might want. like for the sprite and your model i can already see some stuff that might be missed unless added to the texture. Keep up the good work.
  • I have been working on re animating the zombie guy, so it will not look so out of place in-game.
    I have edited his bones to give better animation
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