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[HELP] Looking for rare JDRP models

edited 2017 Apr 16 in Addons for DOOM
Recently I remembered a bunch of old 3D weapon models that differ from others. They were available only once on the page at the time Snowberry name took it's place. They were very similar to the original JDRP, but they actually had higher poly models and animations.

Here's a video of the JDRP pack I'm talking about, took some time to find it:

Take a look at the Chaingun model and the DoubleBarrel shotgun. You'll notice the difference.
BFG was also completely changed, and the Chaingun model was something similar from Risen3D.

Hopefully someone can help me out with this.

Also while scattering around I found this:

Also managed to find some bump mapping/parallax, something similar if not the same from this page:

And here's the thing I'm talking about, I finally managed to find a picture of it that shows their difference:

The old chaingun model that's uploaded on the page:

Chaingun model I'm talking about:


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