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Idea "Enhanced Doom"

edited 2016 Apr 24 in Addons for DOOM
Well i'd like work in a new idea, i call it "ENHANED DOOM".
The game had some limitations acording the year in that was released, with 3d models, music remixed and HD Textures the game receives a facelift, but something is missing, the game looks still old. An this are my ideas to bring back the glory of DOOM better than ever:

Improved maps: With a bit of Modifications and add completely new obstacles(3d models like cables, motors, etc.), textures and ambient sounds.

Story in real time: Maybe in adition to the original story with completely new monsters and obstacles animated and edited acording to say something, like marines in doom 3, radio recordings or a ship that goes out.

My purpose is not to violate the identity of the game and that it look more modern, what do you think?.


  • Sounds like a Mod / TC. Could be nice but it isn't the real Doom, it's a story arround ... like the legends at Star Wars ;)
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