Chilvence's old Centar Model

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after checking back in after a couple of years im supprise this is still missing from the resource pack so im re uploading it becuse it seemed to be lost to the interweb.
if someone wants i can upload his original zip with the milkshape model.
maybe make some wireskins.

just place the pk3 in your snowberry\addons folder and add it to your list to load

known issues that someone more knowledgeble can fix.
1: the skin is still just the old placeholder. (just added eyes and sheild)
2: the fact that body switches back to a sprite on the last frame. (probably due to the quick ded i edited)


  • erm... not bad but,.,..
    it doesnt have a skin at all? when i try using it i get a completely white texture-less model? :(
  • it was a old model i just fixed it up and reposted it becuse noone seems to remember it and mentions that they wish there was a centar model. i may have messed up on the md2 skin paths it should have a simple skin like the pic. ill look into it as i havent messed with md2's in a long time. the skins in the pk3 if anyone wants to make a better one.
  • has anyone else who downloaded this had the no skin problem?
    i tested on 3 of my computers (a win 7, a vista, and a win2k) and was unable to duplicate it.
    to be thuro i tested with mods and fresh installs on each.
    so as far as i can tell the file seems to be working.
  • perhaps its the build i am using?
    i am using 1.9.0-beta6.9 cuz imo its still the most bug-free release with the most working features. ive tried other newer versions often but each and every one of them seemed to contain a ton of bugs which ruined it for me so i always stayed with this version

    dunno if perhaps in later versions something changed to how textures are handled? would explain why it would work for you but not for me
  • I cannot personally think of any reason to run 1.9.0-beta6.9 instead of the current stable 1.9.8 release. If you are having problems then please post about in our support forum so that we may assist in solving them.
  • Hello. No it doesn't have a skin. And it is embarrassingly awful.

  • Hi.

    Was quite excited to see this as I've been yearning for a Centar model for so many years.

    Unfortunately, like some of the other posters I found the model to be unskinned, it just appears as white in-game.

    Unpacked the PK3 and took a look at the skins. They are PCX files of a format that my copy of Photoshop could not read. Managed to open them in another image editor and tried converting them to PNGs - sadly the skins still didn't show up in game, I have no idea why.

    Shame, as regardless of the quality, anything would have been better than blocky sprites. Oh well, at least you tried :(
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    try this Ettin and Centaur. remember to shut them off in any other bundle you have. if the ettin is not to your liking you can go in and either rename it or delete it. have a look at them with an Oculus Rift Dk2 if you have one, the look quite well.
    EDIT: First attempt was corrupt, this has been re-uploaded and the link fixed.
  • Thank you. I downloaded the PK3 you linked, but unfortunately the file seems to be broken or corrupted. Attempts to unpack it gave me an 'invalid archive' error message. I attempted to run JHexen with it anyway, and disabled all other packs as you suggested. Doing so just caused the game to crash at startup with an error message about missing MD2s.
  • That file was indeed currupted. I have reuploaded and fixed the link. please delete what you got before and try again. Sorry that I did not test the download before. The new link works fine. Hope you like them.
  • Ok, well I can now confirm that the Ettin works fine, looks really good in fact, thank you.

    Sadly the Centar is still untextured, and just appears as a white, skinless model. No idea what's going on there.

    Still I suspect you have done all you can at this stage, and I'm grateful for your efforts even though I wasn't quite able to get it all to work.
  • @ErgatesTheant
    Why don't you use an official addon for Hexen, where collected all existing models along with Centaur?
    Centaur should be look like this
    See this thread
  • Strange that the Centaur doesn't work for you, the skin is in pcx but works fine here. If you have the gimp or other texture editing program that can handle pcx format, simply extract the texture, open with your editing program then export as png, then put the png back into the pk3. I tried it here and it works, I would have converted it before but I was afraid it would need to be remapped and I don't know how to do that. My skin is, in my opinion, much nicer than any that is in a community pack.
  • @veirdo

    Thanks, I wasn't even aware that this pack had the Centar.

    At present it's not going to work for me, because I'm still using a very old version of Doomsday - V1.8.6.

    The main reason for this is because I can't bear to play Doom without my beloved Abbs weapon pack, and there seems to be no method of getting this to work in the newer Snowberry-based versions of Jdoom. I wasted hours trying various different things, trying to get the pack to work, and ended up giving up in utter frustration, concluding that it was impossible, and switching back to 1.8.6.

    Other thing is, the standard Hexen XCCP pack, available on this website under the Addons section gave me an issue where I was unable to see the Fighter's HUD weapons. Having said that I've not tried the new pack you told me about, perhaps this one will work properly? If so I could possibly run both versions of Doomsday, old one for Doom, Snowberry one for Hexen.

    Also within all the games, the HUD weapons seem to be strangely diminished, in that I can only see a bit of them on-screen, (i.e only the final couple of inches of the shotgun). It's possible that changing the screen resoluion might improve things, but there appears to be no method of doing this, as there is no longer a graphics settings menu within the game, and I'm stuck with whatever default resolution the installation chooses.

    It's all too much for me, and so I ended up just going back to the old version, even though I'm sure the newer versions have many benefits over the old.
  • there are cvars for this and there is a settings menu in the taskbar i think you need to hit the gear icon on the taskbar. it's been a wile since i used it and the model position for hud weapons is based on a square where the sides of the screen determine the placement.
  • @PostFatal

    Changing the PCX to a PNG is exactly what I did with the original PK3 I talked about on my first post. Photoshop was unable to read that version, and I ended up doing it in ACDSee.

    Actually Photoshop can read the PCX supplied with your version of the Centar (already checked), though there appears to be two skin files, one of which is disabled.

    I'll try doing this anyway, you never know.

    As I wrote my reply to veirdo above, it also occured to me that I might be experiencing issues because I'm still running Doomsday v1.8.6. I'll try installing one of the newer Snowberry versions, and see if I get a different result.
  • @Gordon

    I'm afraid that I've no idea what cvars are. It sounds very techy and advanced... far too advanced for my poor non-techy brain :-/

    However I'll play around and see if I can discover this 'gear icon' that allows me to change settings. I presume you are refering to something within the game itself, rather than on the Doomsday client? Because it also occured to me that there may be a way of changing screen resolution within the client, rather than in-game, though I wasn't able to work it out (I was deeply frustrated and not really thinking straight by that point).

    Without wanting to show any disrespect to the developers of Doomsday, it does seem strange to me that they would limit options such as changing screen resolution, graphics settings etc. in such a manner (given that there were so many in the older versions of Doomsday), or at the very least make the process difficult for newbies by hiding it within non-obvious 'gear icons', or whatever it may be. I guess it might be something to do with the fact that the engine is still in development stage.
  • There is an updated version of Abbs weapons pack in .box format thats intended for newer versions of Doomsday and also works with 1.8.6

    Nowadays most configuration is handled at runtime in-game via the task bar UI rather than from the command line or the front end.
  • DaniJ, or anyone reading this. I don't suppose any kind of link is available for the .box format Abbs pack?

    I realise how lazy this sounds, and that it should be perfectly possible to Google the required information, but either I'm being really stupid and not using the proper search criteria, or I'm just being really stupid... because I just cannot find any reference to it anywhere on the internet, despite all my best efforts.

    Also would it be possible to elaborate on what you mean by 'task bar UI'.

    Is this something I find in the Doomsday front end client, or is it something that I need to locate and click in-game?

    Thank you, and once again sorry for being so dense.
  • Update:

    Done some digging through old forum posts, and I now understand that Abbs pack cannot be linked due to copyright issues. Fair enough, I wasn't aware of that. As it happens I actually had a brainstorm and worked out a method of getting it to work in v1.4.5. Basically I just copied the same file structure as the one Abbspack creates in v1.8.6, creating an 'MD2' folder with all the models inside, and then just moved the deds into Snowberry - it works B-)

    My next task is to try the new Hexen pack, and the new Centar/Ettin models....

    Update 2

    Everything is working =))

    Veirdo's AXRP pack works like a dream.
    Replaced the Centaur and Ettin in that pack with PostFatal's version, it's fine, it works, and it looks fantastic.

    Finally - I worked out what people meant when they talked about the task bar. It's an option in the main menu.. for some reason I didn't even notice it before (probably because I am stupid and was being impatient to get everything running and so didn't study it properly). Changed the resolution to a non-widescreen setting, and the HUD weapons are fine now.

    So that's it, everything is fixed. Bye bye V1.8.6
  • the task bar ui is the old console that you used ~ to enter.
  • PostFatal wrote:
    Try this Ettin and Centaur. Remember to shut them off in any other bundle you have. If the Ettin is not to your liking you can go in and either rename it or delete it. Have a look at them with an Oculus Rift DK2 if you have one, the look quite well.
    EDIT: First attempt was corrupt, this has been re-uploaded and the link fixed.
    I can't download from that link. Might I suggest uploading it to a different hosting site?
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