Doomsday 1.14 completely useless [savegame conversion]

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I was very glad to see v 1.14 was released, but sadly it's a complete no-go. It hangs with a black screen and the spinning cursor every time I try to play a game. I have to kill the process to exit. After that, multiple instances of savegametool.exe remain running in task manager, I can kill all but one. I have to reboot to get rid of it.
If I go back to v1.13-2 it works perfectly again. v 1.15 doesn't work either.
I've uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled again, but it just won't work.
Like I said, v1.13-2 works perfectly, even after having installed 1.14 or 1.15 (I mean after removing them and going back to 1.13)

What could be causing this?
I have a fairly decent computer: Phenom II X4 945, 3.0Ghz Quad Core CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a Geforce GT630 with 1 GB of VRAM.

Please help!!!

Oh, And by the way, doomsday doesn't care if I moved my documents to a diff. location, it still saves in username\documents. I think it should detect the actual location of the "my documents" folder. It's kinda annoying.

here's the log:

Application path: C:\Juegos\Doomsday\Bin\Doomsday.exe
Created a new 32.0 MB memory volume.
Config::read: Detected new build: 1109 => 1201
Executable: Doomsday Engine 1.14.0 (Stable 32-bit #1201) Apr 16 2014 13:04:46
RenderSystem: Loading shader definitions from read-only archive entry "data/renderer.pack/
              shaders.dei" [path "/data/doomsday.pk3/data/renderer.pack/shaders.dei"]
              from archive in read-only "(basedir)\data\doomsday.pk3"
OpenGL 3.3 supported
Sys_GLInitialize: OpenGL information:
  Version:  4.4.0
  Renderer: GeForce GT 630/PCIe/SSE2
  Vendor:   NVIDIA Corporation
  Compressed texture formats: 23
  Available texture units:    4
  Maximum texture anisotropy: 16
  Maximum texture size:       16384
  Line width granularity:     0.125
  Line width range:           0.5...10
^ : OpenGL Extensions:
^ :     AMD extensions:
^ :     ARB extensions:
        arrays_of_arrays, base_instance, blend_func_extended, buffer_storage,
        clear_buffer_object, clear_texture, color_buffer_float, compatibility,
        compressed_texture_pixel_storage, conservative_depth, compute_shader,
        compute_variable_group_size, copy_buffer, copy_image, debug_output,
        depth_buffer_float, depth_clamp, depth_texture, draw_buffers, draw_buffers_blend,
        draw_indirect, draw_elements_base_vertex, draw_instanced, enhanced_layouts,
        ES2_compatibility, ES3_compatibility, explicit_attrib_location,
        explicit_uniform_location, fragment_coord_conventions, fragment_layer_viewport,
        fragment_program, fragment_program_shadow, fragment_shader,
        framebuffer_no_attachments, framebuffer_object, framebuffer_sRGB,
        geometry_shader4, get_program_binary, gpu_shader5, gpu_shader_fp64,
        half_float_pixel, half_float_vertex, imaging, indirect_parameters,
        instanced_arrays, internalformat_query, internalformat_query2,
        invalidate_subdata, map_buffer_alignment, map_buffer_range, multi_bind,
        multi_draw_indirect, multisample, multitexture, occlusion_query,
        occlusion_query2, pixel_buffer_object, point_parameters, point_sprite,
        program_interface_query, provoking_vertex, robust_buffer_access_behavior,
        robustness, sample_shading, sampler_objects, seamless_cube_map,
        separate_shader_objects, shader_atomic_counters, shader_bit_encoding,
        shader_draw_parameters, shader_group_vote, shader_image_load_store,
        shader_image_size, shader_objects, shader_precision, query_buffer_object,
        shader_storage_buffer_object, shader_subroutine, shader_texture_lod,
        shading_language_100, shading_language_420pack, shading_language_include,
        shading_language_packing, shadow, stencil_texturing, sync, tessellation_shader,
        texture_border_clamp, texture_buffer_object, texture_buffer_object_rgb32,
        texture_buffer_range, texture_compression, texture_compression_bptc,
        texture_compression_rgtc, texture_cube_map, texture_cube_map_array,
        texture_env_add, texture_env_combine, texture_env_crossbar, texture_env_dot3,
        texture_float, texture_gather, texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge,
        texture_mirrored_repeat, texture_multisample, texture_non_power_of_two,
        texture_query_levels, texture_query_lod, texture_rectangle, texture_rg,
        texture_rgb10_a2ui, texture_stencil8, texture_storage,
        texture_storage_multisample, texture_swizzle, texture_view, timer_query,
        transform_feedback2, transform_feedback3, transform_feedback_instanced,
        transpose_matrix, uniform_buffer_object, vertex_array_bgra, vertex_array_object,
        vertex_attrib_64bit, vertex_attrib_binding, vertex_buffer_object, vertex_program,
        vertex_shader, vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev, vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev,
        viewport_array, window_pos, sparse_texture
^ :     ATI extensions:
        draw_buffers, texture_float, texture_mirror_once
^ :     EXT extensions:
        texture_env_add, abgr, bgra, bindable_uniform, blend_color,
        blend_equation_separate, blend_func_separate, blend_minmax, blend_subtract,
        compiled_vertex_array, Cg_shader, depth_bounds_test, direct_state_access,
        draw_buffers2, draw_instanced, draw_range_elements, fog_coord, framebuffer_blit,
        framebuffer_multisample, framebuffer_multisample_blit_scaled, framebuffer_object,
        framebuffer_sRGB, geometry_shader4, gpu_program_parameters, gpu_shader4,
        multi_draw_arrays, packed_depth_stencil, packed_float, packed_pixels,
        pixel_buffer_object, point_parameters, provoking_vertex, rescale_normal,
        secondary_color, separate_shader_objects, separate_specular_color,
        shader_integer_mix, shader_image_load_store, shadow_funcs, stencil_two_side,
        stencil_wrap, texture3D, texture_array, texture_buffer_object,
        texture_compression_dxt1, texture_compression_latc, texture_compression_rgtc,
        texture_compression_s3tc, texture_cube_map, texture_edge_clamp,
        texture_env_combine, texture_env_dot3, texture_filter_anisotropic,
        texture_integer, texture_lod, texture_lod_bias, texture_mirror_clamp,
        texture_object, texture_shared_exponent, texture_sRGB, texture_sRGB_decode,
        texture_storage, texture_swizzle, timer_query, transform_feedback2, vertex_array,
        vertex_array_bgra, vertex_attrib_64bit, import_sync_object
^ :     EXTX extensions:
^ :     IBM extensions:
        rasterpos_clip, texture_mirrored_repeat
^ :     KHR extensions:
^ :     KTX extensions:
^ :     NV extensions:
        bindless_multi_draw_indirect, blend_equation_advanced, blend_square,
        compute_program5, conditional_render, copy_depth_to_color, copy_image,
        depth_buffer_float, depth_clamp, draw_texture, ES1_1_compatibility,
        explicit_multisample, fence, float_buffer, fog_distance, fragment_program,
        fragment_program_option, fragment_program2, framebuffer_multisample_coverage,
        geometry_shader4, gpu_program4, gpu_program4_1, gpu_program5,
        gpu_program5_mem_extended, gpu_program_fp64, gpu_shader5, half_float,
        light_max_exponent, multisample_coverage, multisample_filter_hint,
        occlusion_query, packed_depth_stencil, parameter_buffer_object,
        parameter_buffer_object2, path_rendering, pixel_data_range, point_sprite,
        primitive_restart, register_combiners, register_combiners2,
        shader_atomic_counters, shader_atomic_float, shader_buffer_load,
        shader_storage_buffer_object, texgen_reflection, texture_barrier,
        texture_compression_vtc, texture_env_combine4, texture_expand_normal,
        texture_multisample, texture_rectangle, texture_shader, texture_shader2,
        texture_shader3, transform_feedback, transform_feedback2, vertex_array_range,
        vertex_array_range2, vertex_attrib_integer_64bit, vertex_buffer_unified_memory,
        vertex_program, vertex_program1_1, vertex_program2, vertex_program2_option,
        vertex_program3, shader_thread_group
^ :     NVX extensions:
        conditional_render, gpu_memory_info
^ :     S3 extensions:
^ :     SGIS extensions:
        generate_mipmap, texture_lod
^ :     SGIX extensions:
        depth_texture, shadow
^ :     SUN extensions:
^ :     WGL extensions:
^ :     WIN extensions:
^ :   Extensions (WGL):
^ :     WGL extensions:
        ARB_buffer_region, ARB_create_context, ARB_create_context_profile,
        ARB_create_context_robustness, ARB_extensions_string, ARB_make_current_read,
        ARB_multisample, ARB_pbuffer, ARB_pixel_format, ARB_pixel_format_float,
        ARB_render_texture, ATI_pixel_format_float, EXT_create_context_es_profile,
        EXT_create_context_es2_profile, EXT_extensions_string, EXT_framebuffer_sRGB,
        EXT_pixel_format_packed_float, EXT_swap_control, EXT_swap_control_tear,
        NVX_DX_interop, NV_DX_interop, NV_DX_interop2, NV_delay_before_swap,
        NV_float_buffer, NV_multisample_coverage, NV_render_depth_texture,
FMOD Sound System (c) Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2013
Audio configuration:
  CD:    FMOD/CD
  Music: FMOD/Ext
Initialized 16 sound effect channels
SavegameConverter: Starting conversion of "/legacysavegames/doom2-tnt/DoomSav0.dsg" using
                   Savegame Tool
^ : Starting conversion of "/legacysavegames/doom2-plut/DoomSav0.dsg" using Savegame Tool
^ : Starting conversion of "/legacysavegames/doom2/DoomSav9.dsg" using Savegame Tool
^ : Starting conversion of "/legacysavegames/doom2/DoomSav0.dsg" using Savegame Tool


  • Ok, I managed to make it work. I had to delete ALL MY CONFIG AND SAVED GAMES in order for it to work...nice.
  • Yeah i got it to work but it was unplayable. Had to uninstall, delete all Doomsday folders and then do a clean install. Then it worked perfectly.
  • This is really unfortunate. DaniJ and I will have to start investigating what is broken with the automatic savegame conversion.
    jvidalw wrote:
    multiple instances of savegametool.exe remain running in task manager, I can kill all but one
    This sounds like one of the tools has hung, and Doomsday is still waiting for it to finish. This could be something we can look into.
    Not permanently, I hope? If you still happen to have them somewhere, it might help if you send them over and we can rule out the possibility of corrupt/unexpected save file contents.
  • I would very much like to see the savegame(s) that caused this problem. Thus far I've been entirely unable to crash the savegame tool despite chucking random files at it.
  • I've got bad news from my end. I was in the middle of doing some computer spring cleaning and cleaned out my trash bin after i deleted my doomsday folders. I was thinking like a user rather than a developer when I did that. Sorry.

    One little bit of info i can give on the save files issue is that the only save i had was for a map that no longer existed.
  • Ooops, sorry, I deleted my doomsday folder in my documents and don't have a backup, mainly because doomsday completely ignores the actual location of the my documents folder (which I DO have a backup for).
    Please fix it, make doomsday detect the real location of my documents. Hint: Read the value for "Personal" in "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Explorer\User shell folders".
  • is that a network drive as the default windows location is C:\Users\"use name"\Documents
  • No. I just moved them to c:\My documents.
    It seems that Doomsday just uses %userprofile%\documents instead of getting the actual location of the documents folder from the registry key I mentioned earlier, in my case c:\my docuements.
    And no, it's not a network drive, it's a registry key.
    Oh, and BTW, I KNOW what the default location is, that's exactly what I'm complaining about, doomsday completely ignores the actual location and uses the default, without checking if the user might have moved the folder to another place, e.g. c:\my documents.
  • ok now i know. and they switch it to that for convenient sake but if your having problems then use the symbolic link feature. i had to to get minecraft of my SSD so it would not destroy it. i do understand your pain but windows dose not.
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