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  • Considering the lack of any interest and complaints of those rare people who speak here, this is a real miracle that talented people spend more of their time on doing that amazing stuff like that Cyberdemon. And what they hear? They here only negative comments without any positive point. Of course that Tea Monster know that this model is not 100% ideal with original sprite - he's not blind. But for god sake this is the best cyberdemon model made for Doom engine so far! Keep doing that amazing work Tea Monster. It's few levels upper then all I see in dmp.
  • I am deliberately extremely critical as I believe simply saying something is good or bad with no elaboration, is poor feedback.

    Let me put it a different way: I like the areas of the model I didn't mention and didn't say that I thought it's waist should be redone, just that it wasn't accurate to the sprite.
  • Especially after my time on the Duke HRP, I have no problem with valid criticism.

    Vermil - that is how I perceived it to be offered and that is how it was accepted.
    I understand what you are saying, but I don't want to go back at this point and re-work the midriff and tweak the low poly and re-bake everything. But thanks for the critique.
  • Progressing on texturing.
  • All of these new models are looking fantastic but I'd like to know if any changes are planned for the animations so that they are a little more believable? I know that you all want to stay true to the original but I don't think it hurts to make their manner of walking less stiff and robotic like and thus more realistic. Also I mentioned in the Hexen thread that it would be nice for the monsters to keep an eye on you as they approach but this would mean allowing their head to turn a little watching the player and scoping him out. (Is D-Day capable of that?)
  • Maybe even decals. Maybe even gore like doom 2016 (of course I don't expect it to be that realistic or to that extent). Likely these will have damage stages and a gore based death animation (like normal Doom), at least.
  • wow looking good
  • Agreed, Might redden the eyes a little bit more though, to add a bit more contrast.
  • Cheers, will do.
  • For me the stomach was ever bloody Cable in where the inners was. Which combines the parts and hold the flesh.

    on the other Side theres much more art about this:
    * http://static.ztorm.net/media/images/61 ... 611876.jpg drawn by brom
    * https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B4fDEY-CYAAWAx-.jpg scan of the Model from here
    * a big size Picture of it http://41.media.tumblr.com/8d081e58a7b0 ... 1_1280.jpg
    * https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hp ... 6557_o.jpg
  • Sadly, people are a tad bleh and everyone insists on it looking exactly like the sprite. Otherwise I could have made it a bit funkier. Sadly the alternate design of spider legs had to go by the wayside as well. Oh well.

    Speaking of Spiders...
  • ah but you forget why just have one design but have 2. make one to the sprite then make one how you see it i know it's more work but then you can get the people to see that some times the sprite is not always right and it dose look good.
  • That means building two high polys, two low poly models, two baking sessions, two lots of animations, etc, etc. etc.

    Noo noo noo.
  • At the end of the day you should (ideally) be doing this because you want to. If that means producing artwork that doesn't necessarily mesh with other peoples ideas then so be it - they are free to not use it (or create their own).

    Producing artwork by "hive mind committee" invariably ends up lacking in any case. Trust your own artistic sensibilities and ignore the detractors who would ideally have you produce bespoke artwork to suit them.

    Feedback is often useful but at times it is best to simply create :)
  • I've stayed on a particular style of artwork for the models up to now. I can't really deviate 3/4 of the way through a series. If I were to create an original concept of what I would do for a modern rework, it would be barely recognisable as the same creature. It wouldn't have a place here and it wouldn't be accepted by the people here as a sprite replacement. I went through all that with the Duke HRP.

    Started poly-painting the sculpt.
  • looking good. now i know people would like the standard legs but i just don't see them working in the sense that they would probably bend under his weight if it's the spider-mastermind so maning them a bit beefyer is fine by me.
  • I stumbled upon this place looking for information about mods for classics like Wolf3d, Doom, etc, it's great work still continues to update these games with some of the mechanics of the originals. I really like your models! I like the idea of having a glow on the eyes as these are possessed beings and a glow really adds to that in my view. To comment towards some of the negative feedback, I think they are being overly harsh, stay true to what you want, you are nailing it.
  • Seeing a video of these new models in game through youtube soon would be a pleasant surprise.
  • Skyjake and veirdo uploaded a few WIP videos while developing the new model renderer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoaXAu ... Q5Nptif2NA
    You may recognize some of them ;)
  • Hey guys been awhile since I posted but I am still about watching this awesome engine develop into something amazing. I love these New models and cant wait to see some demos
  • looking good
  • He looks happy and wants to give you a big hug. Anyways, it will be interesting to see this in game one day.
  • very nice Tea Monster.....do you plan to make pod reflective or dull?
  • Probably dull, with certain reflective highlights
  • Of course, the modelling is great.

    But why is it that the lower brain and pod areas of Spider Demon models always seem to look narrower and less chunky than the sprite?

    The lower brain area of the Spider Demon sprite is difficult to interpret though; what's brain, what's arm etc etc.
  • I hope these models will work with GZDoom and the Tei-Tenga Incident mod here http://www.moddb.com/mods/doomthe-tei-tenga-incident. Really great mod, with these new models it will be like a whole new Doom with classic gameplay!
  • these models will only work for doomsday with the new model render-er since they will be in MD5 format unless GZDoom can support that then no they will not work.
  • 3DGE implemented basic MD5 support in it's last release, so the raw models, if not other features of them, might work in that port.
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