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GUI suggestion

edited 2009 Sep 12 in General

I see:

1. Regular unchecked box
2. Regular checked box
3. Grayed-out checked box with a "Yes" on the left
4. Grayed-out checked box with a "No" on the left

You can also see that "Texture Compression" doesn't even have a "use" or "disable".

I mean, this is unjustifiably confusing so why not just list all the options like "Texture Compression" without "disable", "use", "enable" or whatever and allow only checking it and unchecking it? if you need to suggest the what the default instance is, put a "Default: checked" or "Default: unchecked" within a () right after the option.

That's my 2 cents 8-)


  • "Confusing" is a good word to describe the Snowberry UI. ;) While my plan is to phase out the need for a separate launcher program (removing Snowberry from the release packages), I'll see what improvements are worth the effort in the meantime. Changing the language strings is easy at least.
  • I think this is another Snowberry GUI suggestion, so hopefully I am posting in the right place.

    When selecting add-ons, (jDRP) there is an expanding tree on the left and a list of check boxes on the right. It would be nice to have checkboxes for each entire subsection on the left, (ammo, bosses, etc.,) or the ability to change the +/- there. A box on the right for "Select All" could accomplish the same thing.

    Maybe it could be under the 'settings' tab as Chuck Spears was showing above. (?)

    This would be much more convenient, for example, when playing a PWAD that uses only some modified resources. If I want to play a map that has custom enemy sprites, then it is not too much work to uncheck the 20 models. If I want to only disable the Decoration models though, then it takes quite a bit of time to uncheck all those boxes.
  • psyren,

    While it is definately a good idea, don't be too surprised if it never happens. As far as I know, Doomsday 1.9.0 Beta X is the unfinished pre-release for Doomsday Engine 2 (Deng2). And, as far as I know, by the time 1.9.0 Beta/Pre-release is finished, and therefore becomes Deng2 Gold, Snowberry will be no more. Everything will be done from inside the Doomsday engine itself.

    Also, the jDRP being so unorganised - well thats just the way the addon box has been built - quickly; and not following any sort of grouping scheme. It would be very easy for me/us to re-write the jDRP addon to sort each component into "types". We had a discussion about what should be the best way to do this over on this thread (slightly technical).

    All in all psyren, the developers would of definately read your suggestion and noted your point - whether they reply or not. Everyone is busy busy busy :P
  • psyren,

    I just figured out that you can do this already :) First select a certain item in the right window, then shift+click another to select a whole bunch, and right-click on them. It's got check/uncheck selected.
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