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The elephant in the room. Doomsday's biggest issue. [Mods]

edited Jan 22, 04:07 in General
While this is my favourite port for vanilla... There is one huge issue that should be addressed at some point. Mods compatibility.

Even VANILLA compatible mods don't even work properly. For example REKKR wich seems to work but the main menu and sound effects are completely bonkers. Even older wolfendoom mods struggles at time with glitched enemies. Some mods refuses to even run...

So here is some throwaway suggestions:

- Work on mod compatibility so it can, at the very least, run mods that are known to be vanilla compatible.

- Curate mods and have a list of mods that works available from your website. Users could be the one doing it so your input would be minimal.

This engine looks very nice out of the box and I love it. I used jDoom way back in the early 2000s even before Snowberry was a thing. I must say that I am disapointed that so little has been done in regard to mods compatibility over the years.


  • I am disapointed that so little has been done in regard to mods compatibility over the years.
    This does reflect my personal priorities — back when DaniJ was active, he used to be pushing the mod compatibility efforts. I've been focusing on other issues myself.

    I've been doing some improvements on this front for 2.3, though, with better render hack support and DEH sprite patching. The latter might help with the glitched enemies.
    For example REKKR (menus and sounds)
    I also noticed that some particle generators were triggering inappropriately. It seems the default generators need to be disabled if the target objects have been modded.

    Please add any additional problems to:
    So here is some throwaway suggestions:
    Thanks, I'll consider these!

    If you (or anyone else reading this) have the time, please consider submitting bug reports about specific vanilla compatible mods to the bug tracker. It helps a lot if you list what the problems are in detail so I don't have to spend a lot of time testing and comparing with vanilla. (Time is in short supply nowadays.)
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