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net.dengine.stdlib not found [Ubuntu]

kUbuntu 19.10
doomsday "Doomsday Engine 2.3.0 [#3260] (Unstable 64-bit) Dec 6 2019 01:36:14"
loaded from repository "deb eoan main"

Every time I try to start, I get a message saying "Package net.dengine.stdlib not available".
I removed/purged everything connected with doomsday, including ~/.doomsday, reinstalled, and the problem persists. There are packages "doomsday-data" and "doomsday-common", but these seem to be older versions coming from the ubuntu repositories. Doing a locate for net.dengine.stdlib shows the file indeed does not exist.
I am not getting a doomsday.out file in ~/.doomsday/runtime, only a message on the command line that says:

App init failed:
"[NotFoundError] (in PackageLoader::load) Package \"net.dengine.stdlib\" is not available"

Edit: Doing a search on the files installed by the package, I do see:


so the file is there, it's just not being found.


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    I'll have a look, it's possible that there's some misconfiguration in the PPA package script causing net.dengine.stdlib not to be found.
  • edited 2019 Dec 10
    I didn't find anything amiss with the PPA debs... If I install them on my Ubuntu 19.10, it seems to work fine and finds net.dengine.stdlib.pack from the correct place (/usr/share/doomsday).

    Any DOOM* environment variables set?

    You could also try launching with these options:
    -stdout -vvv
    That will enable full log verbosity and print output directly to stdout and not in the log file.
  • OK, ran "doomsday -stdout -vvv >doomsday.log" and zipped the file.
    I do not see any DOOM environment variables set. (env | grep DOOM and env | grep doom produce nothing)

    The bbs says it will not allow me to upload files, I have tried .zip, .log, and .txt.
    So I am not sure how to send it. Please advise.

  • edited 2019 Dec 11
    I think I have found the problem, but not the solution. I used to keep my WAD files in /usr/share/doomsday/data. If I remove the data directory, doomsday starts, but no WADs. If I create an empty /usr/share/doomsday/data directory, doomsday crashes with the net.dengine.stdlib not found error. So, where do I put the WAD files?

    Nevermind, I found the settings and added the wads.
    Works fine now. The problem was the /usr/share/doomsday/data directory, which apparently must not exist in order for the program to work.
  • edited 2019 Dec 11
    Hmm, yeah I can see how that could interfere with Doomsday's data path mappings: app.cpp line 272

    I think there was some alternative installation layout where a data subdirectory was used here, but it's not needed in the PPA builds.

    Thanks for the info, I'll add it to the bug tracker but probably as a low priority issue.
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