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How to report bugs / technical issues

edited 2019 Dec 3 in Technical Support
Here are some things to note when reporting bugs or asking for help about technical issues:
  • If you want to report a bug, please use the Bug Tracker. Posting about bugs here on the forums is good for discussion, but they are likely to get lost or forgotten about before a fix can be applied. (Note that the tracker requires a separate user account.)
  • Please attach the doomsday.out log file to your post. The forums only allows certain file types, so you should either ZIP the log or rename it to "doomsday.txt". Alternatively, you could post a link to, where you have copied the log contents.
  • It is good to include basic technical details such as: 1) operating system and version, 2) Doomsday version/build, and 3) GPU model/version if the issue is a graphical glitch. Easiest way to do this is to attach your doomsday.out log file.
Thank you! :smile:


  • I can not register on the bug tracker, the activation email does not come to my email box. Maybe there are some restrictions by email?
  • edited 2019 Dec 31
    The mail server seems to be blocking the messages as spam.

    I can create the account manually, but it’s possible that you still wouldn’t get notifications via email. Perhaps there is another email account you could use?
  • Yes, with another email box well
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