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"idclev" for Sigil non-compat (and other pwads?).

edited 2019 Sep 30 in General
ok so here's a tough ?... how does one idclev/setmap/warp with a pwad? Especially one that adds a new episode... ie Sigil? I mean... I get idclev not working with pwads... if for no other reason than to keep the behavior consistent with the original engine. But warp and setmap? Surely console commands shouldn't have such a limitation. Anyway... just drawing attention to it.

Would be nice to know though... I upgraded Sigil from 1.1 to 1.21 and don't really fancy starting from the beginning (i get bored of repetition REALLY easy).


  • The warp and setmap commands can take the full map ID, for example “warp E5M3”.

    Within an episode, you can simply use the map number. So if you have E5M1 loaded, you can use “warp 3” to go map E5M3.
  • Warp 7 did not work, despite being on E5M1. Said unknown map. Warp E5M7 did work... despite me being sure I tried that already. Thanks for the advice.
  • The "warp N" command requires that a DED Episode definition is present. Which probably then means that your non-compat version doesn't have one.
  • edited 2019 Oct 1
    Fair enough. Though... the Sigil 1.21 non-compat wad does have a DD_DEVNS entry that I assumed to be analogous to ded files. I actually had to disable the ded file when I switched to the 1.21 version of the wad... it was showing 6 episodes in the new game list with the 1.21 wad and the ded enabled together (sigil was listed twice).
  • Hmm, I haven't taken a closer look at version 1.21, maybe there's something that could be improved about this.
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