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[Solved]server issue with linux since a couple of build

edited 2018 Dec 9 in Technical Support
Hello devs,

Since a couple of build, my server seems to have issue again with the server list. when i check from outside my local network, i only see 1 server instead of 12 servers.

When i'm on the same subnet as my server, it's the same, but the icon seems to switch every couple of seconds to show the game from all my 12 server, but on the same server.

here's a small video :


  • edited 2018 Dec 7
    Looking at the server info, they all seem to have the same "randomly" assigned server ID. Did you start these servers via a script, basically all at the same time?

    I'll apply some fixes to the server ID generator...

    EDIT: Please test with the next build (servers must be updated to the new build).
  • yes they are all started at the same time at boot with a cron job
  • All better now with today's build :)

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