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Doomsday Engine 2 wont work

Hello, i am sykes, and my problem is, that doomsday engine 2 wont run, first time it runs perfectly, and then it shutted down itself, i try to run again, but it did not start, the small window appeared, but then nothing happened, I tried to run in compatibility mode but it did not work, i tried to run as administrator mode but it did not work, btw i has windows 10 enterprise 64bit, 8GB ram, 4GB AMD HD Radeon 7660D video card, AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) graphics 3.80 GHz cpu.


  • Does it start up successfully if you first go to the runtime folder and delete the file "persist.pack"?

    To find this file, look for "AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\" in your home folder. Note that AppData is a hidden folder.

    In the same folder you can also find "doomsday.out". It is a log file that may contain some useful information about why Doomsday shut down.
  • Thanks for the help, now its work
  • "persist.pack" contains your configuration settings, and deleting it resets everything to defaults. Let me know if the problem occurs again, maybe we can pinpoint which settings were causing things to go wrong.
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