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Stop code: PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA What failed: CLVirtualDrive.sys


Every time I run Doomsday.exe I get this crash & reboot.

I have a /Windows/Minidump *.dmp file if that helps?



  • What failed: CLVirtualDrive.sys
    I suspect you may have some old and/or incompatible drivers installed on your system that are triggering this BSOD. At least you should check if there are any updates available.
  • The two links below should give you some idea what actually needs fixing.

    1. Microsoft: What is CLVirtualDrive.sys?
    2. What is CLVirtualDrive

  • Thank you for the suggestions.

    While I noticed the CLVirtualDrive.sys was tagged as the failure, it is only Doomsday.exe that
    1. Has a BSOD and imposes a reboot
    as a result of the flaw.

    It's entirely Dengine's option whether they wish to make their application robust against this 3rd party error, but I thought I'd pass on the information to help make that decision.
  • Thanks for reporting, but I'm afraid there's nothing Doomsday can do to help with this issue.
  • You are welcome.

    I went and checked on Cyberdrive, removed an old installation from 2013, and things are working.

    And haven't you done well! Very slick!
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