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Different content of Doomsday distribution packs for Windows

edited 2018 Dec 1 in General

I always wondered why the MSI and ZIP archives for the Windows distribution of Doomsday differ in content. Following additional content can be found in the ZIP archive:



\include\assimp\*.* (40 files)
\include\assimp\Compiler\*.* (3 files)

Also, why are the folders \include and \lib are distributed with the compiled release? I suppose these folders contain the source code of the SDK, which is of no use for the casual end user and thus pointlessly adding weight to the distribution and product installation. I suggest to move the SDK into a separate archive.


  • The MSI and ZIP packages are both built by the same automated tool. I think I've configured it to include all the files in both, but in the MSI, the SDK is by default not selected for installing.

    I agree it is of little practical use to include these at the moment, but I prefer the simplicity of producing a single distribution package. The header and library files are also quite small in relation to the other files.

    In the longer term, I probably will make the SDK separate.
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