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Cannot add Doomsday to macOS "Accessibility" settings

Running macOS 10.14 (Mojave) & 2.0.3 Doomsday Engine

When I attempt to add the Doomsday shell to "Accessibility" under the "Security & Privacy" panel in Settings (to prevent it from recognizing game input as macOS shortcuts), I cannot do so. Dragging and dropping the app doesn't add it to the list of excepted apps and I cannot hit the "+" button and add Doomsday. As a result, I can't play anything using default keymappings, because macOS will switch to things like the app switcher, desktop switcher, etc.

I've created a video to demonstrate exactly what's going on


  • At least one problem that I am aware of is that the default macOS keyboard shortcuts use the Control key for various things, and that is the default attack key binding in Doomsday.

    Personally I've just disabled macOS shortcuts like Control+Left and Control+Right, since that occurs very frequently when playing.

    I believe that a real solution to this issue won't be available until Doomsday 2.2, because that's when I plan to switch all input handling to SDL (from the current Qt library), which should provide game-like app-exclusive input behavior. Qt is meant for regular desktop apps so it by design doesn't try to override any system shortcuts.

    When it comes to the Mojave Security & Privacy dialog, I'm not sure what's the problem there. It could be that because 2.0.3 is built for macOS 10.10 using the SDK for 10.12, there is a compatibility issue with the newer OS.
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