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DOOM: E3M8 Final intermission - "The End" issue

edited 2018 Nov 19 in Technical Support
Using the jDUI-Patches addon, during the E3M8 final intermission the text "The End" gets slightly stretched to the right starting with state "End2", and with state "End5" the image then gets slightly stretched downwards. See attached example video (7 fps/540 KB), remove file extension ".zip" to view.

I could not find any hints in the definition files and the related images, why this visual glitch would occur. Just for the record, without the jDUI-Patches addon the intermission plays flawlessly.


  • I haven't verified this 100%, but my guess is that the original END patches used in the animation have slightly different sizes, while the corresponding jDUI images do not. Therefore they get stretched to cover the original patch dimensions.
  • I haven't considered that, as it's just not reasonable why the images should have been created with different dimensions in the first place. When viewing the final intermission without any hires patches in game, there appears no visible shifting of the text 'The End'. But actually you are correct, checking the IWAD images reveals the following:
    END0 - END1 : 100x61
    END2 - END3 : 101x61 (image shift to the right)
    END4 - END6 : 101x63 (image shift downwards)

    I created a video of the final intermission without the use of hires patches (attached, 448KB, remove extension ".zip"). When viewing the 'The End' section slowed down to 7 fps in a loop, a very subtle shifting is noticeable. Only with hires patches the shifting becomes obvious.

    Mystery solved, case closed.
    Thank you. :)
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