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Builds 2.x: Detail textures crash Doomsday

Today I tried to reactivate the long forgotten detail textures again. I tried both Daniel Norton's and jDRP's pack with the unstable build 2870, but unfortunately Doomsday keeps crashing with segmentation violations. Detail textures used to work great in old builds like v1.8.6 (Kickstarter).

There had been issues with detail textures not working in the past, but according to feedback from Dani J those had been fixed with build SVN 1.9.0-beta6.4 (Snowberry).

Are the crashes probably due to a regression that has crept in sometime?


  • edited 2018 Nov 13
    Since that time, the material system was revised quite thoroughly, and I believe the detail texture system regressed at that time and has not been fixed.

    I am probably not going to fix it for the old renderer, but detail textures are relatively simple to add to the next-gen one.

    The next-gen renderer can also apply them as actual normal maps instead of just faking it with lightening/darkening the texture colors using a static pattern.
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