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Doomsday GUI

Hi. I just decided to try Doomsday on my Mac, and I noticed a few problems.

When I launch it, a system security alert pops up telling me I need to give Doomsday access to my computer. When I go to my preferences to give Doomsday permission, I'm unable to check the box. Nothing happens. (Yes I entered my root password).

Problem #2. I have dual monitors. When the GUI is on my built-in display, it looks fine. When I drag it over to my external monitor, it's the wrong scale, and bunch of stuff disappears, and it doesn't respond to my mouse.

Does anybody know the answers to these problems please?


  • Which version of Doomsday are you using?

    When it comes to the first issue, are you running Mojave? I've noticed myself that a few seemingly random security alerts have started appearing. I'm looking into it, but I suspect this has a lot to do with the Qt library (that Doomsday is using) does not officially support Mojave yet.

    I assume your external monitor has a lower DPI than the built-in display (e.g., moving from retina to non-retina)? I'll investigate if there is something I can do to fix the glitches.
  • Thanks for replying. Yes I'm using Mojave.
    Yes built-in display is retina, and external is non retina.
  • Oops. Forgot the version sorry.

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