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Build 2856: a few bugs

edited 2018 Oct 28 in Technical Support
I tried the latest build today and noticed a couple issues:

1. Upon first start of the new build 2856, the launcher asks me to fix my unchanged mod list for DOOM2. Luckily at this time DOOM2 is the only game I have configured to play with some mods. So I clear the DOOM2 mod list, re-add all unchanged mods, start a game, exit, quit the launcher, restart, guess what, I'm asked to fix the mod list again. It hasn't happened again after this yet, but still...

2. The title music in Heretic appears to be played to loud, despite having set the music volume in Heretic to ~40%. Due to the loudness the music sounds distorted.

3. Starting a new game in Heretic, the title music continues to play instead of the designated level music. Using the console command "stopmusic" stops playback of the title music, but after a restart of the map no music is played at all.

EDIT: Issue 2 and 3 appear to be related to a definition mod for "Colored Fog". See my next post below for the details.


  • 1 — Depending on which of the recent unstable builds you've been using, the identification of certain mods has changed. This particularly affects boxes like jDRP. If the issue persists with future builds there may be a bug involved. Please keep an eye on it...

    2/3 — What is your audio backend configuration? (FMOD/SDL_mixer/Fluidsynth?) Any music packs in use?
  • edited 2018 Nov 5
    re 1:

    I've been using build 2854 prior to build 2856.

    re 2/3:

    I had only been playing the DOOM games with the Doomsday v2.x builds so far. Today I tried adding my collection of Heretic and Hexen mods to the Doomsday 2.x launcher again, when the Heretic music issue appeared.

    After several more tests, that I did continue right after I had posted here, I found out that the music issues are related to just one single definition file, a "Colored Fog" definition. After removing this definition from the mod loading list the Heretic music works as intended.

    So far I have no idea what the reason might be as it used to work fine back in the old days when we all were young and innocent. :p

    Find the definition attached to this post. I'm curious to learn what you might find out.
  • edited 2018 Oct 28
    Your coloured fog definitions don't define any music; coloured fog and music are both defined in Map info definitions.

    In the very old days Dday used to include internal map info definitions that filled in any gaps in the loaded definitions. When these were removed mods began having to include everything.

    But that was long long ago. When was the last time you played Heretic in Dday with this mod?
  • I applied a fix for the music issue:

    As a short explanation, the problem was that if Map Infos didn't specify any music, Doomsday wouldn't know which song to start so it would keep the current one playing (and that was the title song).
  • Confirmed, my custom Color_Fog definition now works without affecting the music.
    Fluidsynth: Restored old max gain value
    Heretic's title music is played at a normal volume again, previously it sounded too loud and distorted. It was quite nerve tearing browsing the game options menu with the distorted title music repeating over and over.
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