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Master Levels of Doom on Steam not recognized by DE

Instructions stated that for Steam games it would auto detect; it did not. I directed it to wad files "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Master Levels of Doom\master\wads" it did not find anything. I know that Master Levels is not listed as supported game, but, it is from the Steam community site that I was directed here. So what it up? Do I need to install an earlier version of Doom, like Doom2?


  • master level are just regular wads. they are not a doom engine or something. you will have to add them manually to doom2.
  • How would I do that? I have looked at the DE wiki and there is some complicated process for creating "packages". Or would I just have to copy the wads to the Doom2 folder?
  • On the home page, scroll to the packages tab and press the configure data files button to open a tab where you can load an add-ons folder that contains pwads (like the Master Levels).

    Then scroll to the Doom tab and press the box button next to the Doom2 button, to bring up a tab where you can select pwads to load from all the add-on folders you loaded on the packages tab.

    Bare in mind that a lot of the Master Level pwads replace the same map number, so you have to load many of them individually.

  • I'll make some usability improvements in 2.1 with regard to Master Levels.

    1) They will be tagged with a "masterlevels" tag, so one can find them in the Mods list (was called "Packages" in 2.0).

    2) When using the "Play In..." feature (Mods/Packages list in Home -> right click a PWAD -> Play In) with a PWAD that has a single map (such as the Master Levels), an additional Episode is added containing just the map. This makes it easier to start the right map via the game menu.
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