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Freedoom not recognized

So, under Other Games there is Doom64 Absolution, and Freedoom (phase 1 and phase2); I have added the folders in which the wad files are located to the wad-locations under mods; and the wads now show up in the list of mods. Doom64 Absolution is found automatically by DE just fine; however, freedoom is not.

Any idea why? Or how to manually configure these entries?


  • I believe Freedoom is for Boom. Dday doesn't support very much of Boom and hence support for Freedoom probably won't come until Dday gets full Boom support.
  • I don't think so; if there was no support for FreeDoom, why is FreeDoom standard in the "Other Games" section of DE2?
  • Ok, my mistake.

    It's possible the Freedoom Iwad has been updated and hence Dday needs to be updated to support it?
  • Possible, but now that I think about it, this isn't limited to FreeDoom; over in the Heretic section there's someone whose Doomsday doesn't recognize the Steam Heretic wad; where with me it does recognize that, but Doomsday doesn't recognize the Hexen expansion.

    It's weird.
  • edited 2018 Sep 25
    There is probably a bug in the IWAD detection code when it comes to the Heretic/Hexen WADs, although I'm not sure why exactly it's failing to detect them.

    FreeDoom is regularly updated, so this feature is being planned:
  • As far as I know, freedm v0.11.2 is the newest version supported by Doomsday Engine. [CRC: A514A6AB]
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